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Volcon Releases Fully Customizable Rider App for Grunt Motorcycle

Apple iOS and Android devices now serve as customizable, digital dashboards for Volcon’s first electric off-road motorcycle.


Volcon Inc. has announced the Phase I release of its highly anticipated mobile app for Apple iOS and Android devices. Phase I includes a three-screen mode showcasing a customizable riding dashboard, statistical data about the motorcycle or a detailed terrain map showing elevation changes. Grunt owners may now attach their phones directly to their motorcycles to use the app as the digital dashboard or delve into the other functionalities to enhance their riding experience.

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Future Volcon app rollouts are expected to include:

  • Parental controls: 
    • Geo-fencing for children to ride in that disables the vehicle beyond a certain designated boundary 
    • Speed control 
    • Spill and crash detection 
  • Volcon off-road community: 
    • Discover new places to ride 
    • Record and share your experiences 
    • Share photos and videos 
    • Connect with other Volcon owners 
  • Integrated navigation 
  • Linking of multiple vehicles to one app user interface 
  • Live over-the-air (OTA) software updates  
  • Integration into all forthcoming vehicles, including the Runt, Stag and Beast.  

The Volcon app will allow a rider’s phone to display a wealth of information including speed, motor RPMs, battery state of charge, current drive mode and even a compass to keep the adventure headed in the right direction. Connected via Bluetooth to the proprietary onboard vehicle control unit (VCU), the motorcycle pushes live or archived information from the bike to the app. A rider’s mobile phone can be easily secured to the Grunt via commonly available aftermarket accessories and can be controlled by a built-in D-Pad (directional thumb-controlled pad) on the Grunt motorcycle. This allows the build-out of entire workflows in the app accessible via just the D-Pad while riding. 


There is no additional cost for any of this functionality, and the Volcon app is free. The app can be downloaded here:

“Buildout of the Volcon app started in early 2021 with a very talented development team, so its launch marks a major milestone on our path to offer a matchless suite of vehicle upgrades and controls to our customers. Having access to vehicle data, coupled with the means to tune vehicle performance as you ride, opens up the opportunity for the owner to customize the performance of their bike in a way they see fit,” said Jordan Davis, CEO at Volcon. “The world is increasingly connected, and with that comes the expectation from discerning customers to have an improved experience tailoring their product. The launch of the Volcon app does just that and serves as our gateway to providing a best-in-class connected outdoor experience for our customers.”


Volcon’s proprietary VCU is designed in-house and utilizes leading technologies to ensure that the connectivity between the vehicle and the mobile device is seamlessly integrated and can stand up to Volcon’s planned roadmap of upgrades. The goal with the VCU design was also to build technology that wouldn’t suffer from the current microchip supply chain shortage, ensuring that this component is less likely to threaten the build timeline for the company’s vehicles.

The Volcon app pairs with any Volcon vehicle in less than five seconds. After pairing the Volcon app to the vehicle, owners can begin to customize their display settings to ensure that they get the most out of their mobile devices.

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