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UTVs Are a Trend That’s Here to Stay

Trends in the UTV industry are ever evolving, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a high-value, versatile vehicle designed to meet the needs of value-conscious customers. UTVs are the perfect companion for operators that need a do-it-all machine to haul, tow and carry people, tools and gear with ease. With this pocketknife of a vehicle, you can accomplish a variety of tasks with one machine by adding accessories, attachments or implements to customize your experience.

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In recent years, outdoor power equipment professionals and land enthusiasts alike are recognizing just how powerful, versatile and effective utility vehicles are for getting tough jobs done. As a result, demand for UTVs has continued to climb among outdoor power equipment dealers and their diverse customers, from landscaping professionals to those who take pride in maintaining their own property. In response to this rise in popularity, many UTV manufacturers have added additional features and accessories to their utility vehicles, allowing customers the opportunity to take home a UTV built for their needs.

Here are three top reasons why UTV popularity has no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Cab Versatility

The first step in selecting the utility vehicle that is perfectly suited to a customer’s needs is having a soft-sided or hard-sided field option cab or opting for a factory-installed model. Both hard- and soft-sided field option cabs grant the flexibility to attach and detach from a UTV depending on the weather and setting in which the customers will be operating the vehicle. A soft-sided field option cab is likely going to be the most economical choice. But if a customer requires more features, such as heating, air conditioning and integrated speakers year-round, then a factory-installed cab is the best fit.


In addition to offering field cab options, many manufacturers are expanding their UTV offerings to include both roll-over protection system (ROPS) and factory-installed cab options.  A soft-sided field cab offers an economical option while a factory-installed cab offers HVAC and an more automotive-like interior. Each is a great option to keep drivers out of the elements while getting jobs done.

Customizable Options

With more options when it comes to passenger capacity, accessories and other elements to make a customer’s dream UTV a reality, you can ensure that UTV is as spacious as customers need with the ability to offer options from one or two rows of seats, giving customers plenty of room while still having enough space for their cargo. Riders can maximize the use of their vehicles by adding such accessories as aluminum wheels, winch kits and dump beds, extending their UTVs’ capabilities.


From convenience accessories like hydraulic dump beds and work lights to comfort accessories like headrests and heaters, many UTVs are blank canvases that can be customized to accomplish your customers’ unique needs.

Tackle Tough Terrain and Delicate Turf

They call a UTV a workhorse for a reason: It can power through a variety of terrains, all while carrying a heavy load. With a UTV, you can travel through the most challenging routes and remote locations without sacrificing a comfortable ride, as many manufacturers have added comfort-focused features, such as improved suspension systems. Whether it’s bumpy fields, dirt roads or woodland areas, you can count on a UTV to get you through.


At the same time, UTVs are also gentle enough to work with delicate turf on sporting fields or lawns without tearing or damaging the grass, making them an excellent choice for professionals working in turf care.

UTVs will remain a popular purchase for outdoor power equipment professionals and land enthusiasts for years to come as advancements in accessories and features continue to develop. With innovative changes and equipment additions constantly on the horizon, UTVs will never go out of style.

Steven Benedict serves as a turf care product line manager for KIOTI Tractor, where he is responsible for overseeing the expansion and advancement of KIOTI’s zero-turn mower and utility vehicle product lines. Steven comes to KIOTI with a wealth of experience in the industry from his role as senior design engineer for Husqvarna for over five years. Having been with KIOTI for a little over a year, Steven brings a fresh set of eyes and innovation to the advancement of turf and lawn care technology and possesses a unique ability to understand the growing needs in the North American market.  

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