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Using Online Coupons for Your Motorcycle Dealership

Take Advantage of Online Coupon Sites to Garner New Customers


As you work at attracting new customers, I encourage you to explore alternative approaches to marketing. If you’ve been tuning into MPN’s monthly Web Savvy columns, you’ve surely setup your Facebook page and have claimed your shop in Google Places.

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But beyond these basics, there’s more you can be doing to capture new customers.

Have you considered using online deal vendors like Groupon and LivingSocial to expand your reach?

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Groupon-aholic. The first thing I do every morning is check Groupon’s “Featured Deal” for the day. I’ve signed up for this service by providing these online deal delivery gurus with my email address and geographical location so they can send me targeted local offers.


I’m not the only one hooked! As of March 24, Groupon had 33.5 million subscribers who had purchased 35.7 million Groupons in 160+ U.S. cities.

So far, I’ve purchased four Groupons for both products and services, and I love that I’m saving money. Never mind the fact that I probably wouldn’t have spent the money to go skiing in Pennsylvania or check out that cute indie movie theater without a nudge from my daily Groupon.

And that is exactly my point. I’d thought about going to that movie theater, but nothing had compelled me to make the drive 30 minutes away from my home to patronize a new business.


Being featured on Groupon lets your business create that urgency for a prospective client. The deal you’re offering is appealing because it will allow your new customer to save money, and its expiration date will give them a deadline to visit your business.

Perhaps the best part? Groupon is free for businesses to try. Groupon makes its money from Groupons sold. According to the online giant, 97 percent of its customers have asked to be featured on Groupon again, and nine out of 10 businesses featured on Groupon noticed that Groupon users become regular customers, and in this economy those new regular faces are exactly what you need to see in your store.


So what to feature? Try  a deal on rider education or perhaps half-price service. These discounts will be well worth their ROI.

If you’ve used this booming online service, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at [email protected].

Colleen Brousil is the editor of Motorcycle Product News. Her monthly column, “The Road Ahead” explores issues facing dealers across the country.


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