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Tucker Powersports Expands E-Power Portfolio with 5 New Segway Products 

New products include a moped, scooter, go kart and updated versions of the original Segway device.


Tucker Powersports added several new products from Segway to its e-Power portfolio. The products include a moped/electric bike, a scooter, updated versions of the original Segway device for both adults and children, and a go kart.  

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“Our partnership with Segway gives us access to a wonderful range of products for both kids and adults,” said Jamie Kempinski, Tucker’s director of business development. “Early orders from dealers indicate that they are extremely excited to have these units in their dealerships.” 

Segway Powersports S Max
Segway S Max

Segway’s iconic self-balancing, stand-up device now has a simple, cool look. For adults, the S Max features two brushless, DC hub motors; an air-cooled battery pack; LED lights; an adjustable control bar; and adjustable speed controls. The S Max integrates with a mobile app that assists with rider training, adjusting the LED lights, and monitoring battery and mileage. Suggested retail price is $1199.99. 

Segway S Kid
Segway S

Kids get a unit that’s just as fun: The S Kids version comes with three different riding modes; non-slip, maintenance-free tires; and LED lights, and it also integrates with a mobile app. Control is as easy as a nudge of the right or left knee on the control pad. Most kids learn to ride in about three minutes with the aid of the mobile app. The S Kids will travel eight miles at up to 8.7 mph. Suggested retail price is $499.99. 

An equally fun approach for kids is the eKickscooter Zing A6, which features three different riding speeds, lights, a rear brake and thermo plastic rubber grips. It’s lightweight, easy to disassemble for transport and has a range of over three miles. Suggested retail price is $199.99. 

Segway eMoped C-80
Segway eMoped C-80

For customers interested in making their commutes more fun, Tucker offers a moped-styled Class 2 e-bike called, appropriately, the eMoped C-80. It’s available in four colors and comes with an intelligent management system that includes functions like airlock system, NFC tag, smart seat detection and auto-lock mode. Its small size makes it perfect for travel to an office or home, and it’s compact, so it fits in an elevator. It also has a removable battery that can be swapped for one that’s fully charged. The eMoped’s range of 47 miles easily covers the distance of a typical commute. Suggested retail price is $2,499.99. 

Segway Go-Kart Pro
Segway Go-Kart Pro

Also new to the Tucker offering from Segway is the Go-Kart Pro, an electric-powered cart with four driving modes that make it appropriate for beginners to professionals. Designed in partnership with a professional go kart racer, the vehicle has a custom, high-end, brushless motor with pure copper coil, low internal resistance, reduced heat generation and electricity loss. It comes equipped with special drifting TPE tires. Drivers can choose from four driving modes: Safety, Regular, Sports and Race. Suggested retail price is $2,299.99. 

Tucker’s new offerings from Segway, as well as the other exciting e-Power products, are now available at Tucker dealers around the U.S. 

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