Triumph Motorcycles Announces SPEED TRIPLE 1200 RS

All-new in every dimension, the Triumph Motorcycles Speed Triple 1200 RS has been purpose-designed from the ground up to deliver an absolute revolution in terms of Speed Triple power, performance, handling and technology.

All-new in every dimension, the Triumph Motorcycles Speed Triple 1200 RS has been purpose-designed from the ground up to deliver an absolute revolution in terms of Speed Triple power, performance, handling and technology, giving the ultimate performance naked sports ride.

A revolution in Speed Triple power and performance

  • The most powerful and fastest-accelerating Speed Triple ever.
  • All-new higher capacity 1160cc triple engine.
  • 180PS peak power: up 30PS.
  • 125Nm peak torque: up 8Nm.
  • 650rpm higher-revving, 12% lower inertia engine.
  • All-new free-breathing intake and exhaust, with incredible sound.

A revolution in Speed Triple agility, handling and precision

  • The most agile, precise, dynamic handling Speed Triple ever.
  • 10kg lighter, at just 198kg wet.
  • All-new mass centralised chassis.
  • Narrower, with a more dominant and purposeful riding position.
  • Track specification equipment including:
    • Performance tuned fully adjustable Öhlins suspension
    • Metzeler RACETEC RR tyres
    • Brembo Stylema brakes.

A revolution in Speed Triple technology

  • The smartest, sharpest and most technologically advanced Speed Triple ever.
  • Optimised Cornering ABS & switchable Optimised Cornering Traction Control
    (with IMU).
  • All-new 5” TFT instruments.
  • Five riding modes, including enhanced Track mode.
  • New Triumph Shift Assist up-and-down quick-shifter.
  • New distinctive full-LED lighting.
  • New full keyless system.
  • My Triumph Connectivity System fitted as standard.

A revolution in Speed Triple attitude and style

  • All-new muscular and arresting poise and presence.
  • Purer, cleaner and sharper lines.
  • Undeniable focused speed triple design DNA.
  • Striking new dynamic headlight and tail-light designs,
    with distinctive new light signatures.


With an all-new higher capacity 1160cc triple engine developed with insight from our Moto2 race engine programme, the new Speed Triple 1200 RS delivers 180PS peak power at 10,750 rpm and 125NM peak torque at 9,000 rpm, giving an incredibly exhilarating ride. It’s also more responsive, it is 650rpm higher-revving, and comes with a new free-breathing intake and exhaust for a hair-raising new triple soundtrack.

All-new engine

The powertrain has been completely re-designed, with every single element engineered for increased performance and reduced mass, making the new engine significantly lighter, by 7kg. It’s more compact compared to the previous Speed Triple powertrain, despite the bigger capacity, giving the new model the perfect balance of aggression, performance and control.

Significantly higher power and torque

The engine delivers significantly higher power and torque compared to the previous generation – making this the most powerful and torque-rich Speed Triple ever – with fantastic performance and character across the entire rev range, and all of the signature “wall of torque” triple delivery, taken to a whole new level.

The engine delivers blistering new performance, with 30PS more power and a peak of 180PS at 10,750 rpm. It revs harder, with the red line now raised by 650 rpm to 11,150rpm, and maintains all of the incredible torque and character in the low and mid-range that the Speed Triple has always been renowned for, with 125 Nm peak torque at 9,000rpm, 8Nm more than the outgoing model.

Incredible power-to-weight ratio

The outstanding performance of the new 3 cylinder engine, combined with the reduced weight of the all-new Speed Triple 1200 RS, delivers the highest power-to-weight ratio in the Speed Triple’s history, over 25% greater than the previous generation, and nearly double the original 1994 Speed Triple.

The best sounding Speed Triple ever produced

Thanks to the all-new free-breathing intake and exhaust system, the new Speed Triple 1200 RS is also the best sounding Speed Triple ever produced, with a visceral intake roar and characteristic triple exhaust howl.

Thanks to 12% less powertrain inertia, the engine also picks up quicker, feels sharper, and sounds sharper still.

Optimised new clutch and gearbox

There is a new lighter weight slip and assist clutch which uses state-of-the-art friction compound to reduce the number of clutch plates, minimizing mass and improving clutch feel, while maximizing control during high-speed downshifting.

Combined with a completely new, and more compact, stacked 6-speed gearbox, gear changes are significantly smoother than the previous generation, with optimized ratio progression.

Performance is further enhanced by the new ignition system, with twin tip spark plugs for increased durability at high engine speeds as well as by a reduced weight of the cooling system, neatly packaged with an integrated oil circuit heat exchanger.


10kg lighter and with an all-new lightweight chassis, all-new rider ergonomics and a more dominant and purposeful riding position, the new Speed Triple 1200 RS is nothing less than a handling revolution.  Premium track specification equipment includes new Brembo Stylema brakes, Metzeler RACETEC RR tires and performance-tuned Öhlins suspension.

All of these improvements combine to deliver a new Speed Triple 1200 RS that’s been designed to feel as agile and dynamic to ride as a Street Triple RS.

All-new lightweight chassis

The all-new chassis has been designed from the ground up to deliver the lightest and best-handling Speed Triple ever, with even more agile, precise and dynamic handling, in a tighter, more toned, and mass centralized package.

With a wet weight of just 198kg, the new bike is an incredible 10kg lighter than the previous generation. It has a 17% lighter cast aluminum frame with weight distribution that is further forward and lower down.

Dominant and purposeful riding position

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS has 13mm wider handlebars, delivering a more dominant and purposeful riding position, giving better feel and control for a more predictable ride. Improvements in the ergonomics of the bike and the riding position are achieved through the new footrest position, which has been moved inwards slightly from the previous generation model, allowing improved ground clearance without compromising legroom.

Substantial improvements have also been made to the seat profile and construction, which is now more comfortable while allowing the rider to take a more natural tucked-in position for focussed riding. Seat height is a comfortable 830mm.

Premium Öhlins fully adjustable suspension

Contributing to the handling revolution of the all-new Speed Triple 1200 RS are premium track specification components fitted as standard.

The fully-adjustable Öhlins suspension both front and rear has been tuned to deliver the optimum balance of performance, comfort and control.

On the front, the Speed Triple 1200 RS has Öhlins NIX30 upside-down forks, adjustable for pre-load, rebound and compression damping, while on the rear the rider can benefit from the Öhlins TTX36 twin tube mono-shock, also adjustable for preload, rebound and compression damping.

The entire suspension package has been tuned for the bike’s lower weight, higher power and torque, and new geometry, and developed to feel just as at home on the track as it is on the road.

Fork protectors are available as accessory fit.

High-performance Brembo brakes

Incredible stopping power is provided by the new Brembo brakes on both front and rear.

On the front, the new high-performance twin Brembo Stylema radial monobloc front calipers, with lighter 320mm front discs, ensure track-ready braking power, and on the rear a single Brembo twin-piston rear caliper enables the rider to balance the braking effort and enhances the overall control of the bike both on the road and on track.

A Brembo MCS span and ratio adjustable brake lever is available to further enhance the rider’s comfort and control.

Exceptional grip

The standard tires fitted to the new Speed Triple 1200 RS are the high-performance Metzeler Racetec RR, which are Metzeler’s highest specification tires approved for road use, and are capable of delivering optimum performance both on the road and on track.

Additionally, the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC2 tyre can be fitted to the new Speed Triple 1200 RS as a factory approved track option.


The new 1200 RS comes equipped with a step change in Speed Triple technology, including all-new 5” TFT instruments, new Triumph Shift Assist up-and-down quickshifter, Optimized Cornering ABS, switchable Optimized Cornering Traction Control (with IMU), 5 riding modes – including Track mode, new distinctive full LED lighting, full keyless system and the My Triumph Connectivity System fitted as standard.

All-new 5” TFT instruments

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS features brand new 5” TFT instruments.

Both the TFT screen itself, as well as the user interface, are completely new, designed to provide the rider with the capability of applying more on-the-go adjustment compared to the previous generation, such as the ability to change traction control settings while riding.

Key information is clearly available for the rider, who will instantly be able to know their speed, gear and tacho thanks to the new TFT display and its new configuration, with space being created for any additional information or menus by sliding the tacho to the side as required.

The layout of the TFT screen is available in two different themes, which change the color scheme of the display, and the new optically bonded 5-inch screen guarantees less reflection and therefore improves the image clarity in any lighting condition.

A lap timer is also included for track use.

My Triumph Connectivity System fitted as standard

The user interface on the new Speed Triple 1200 RS is further enhanced by the My Triumph Connectivity system, which is fitted as standard.

Speed Triple owners can now access turn-by-turn navigation via the free My Triumph app, GoPro control, phone control and music operation. The rider is able to control all of this through the switch cubes and will access all related information through the TFT screen.

Enhanced new Triumph Shift Assist

The technology revolution of the new Speed Triple 1200 RS includes substantial improvement in the ride-enhancing features available as standard.

A new Triumph Shift Assist up and down quickshifter is part of the standard equipment.

Ideal for spirited riding and track use, it enables clutchless up and down shifts while maintaining the throttle position, ensuring smooth, effortless and refined gear shifting both while accelerating or decelerating, thanks to its new variable position sensor, which ensures an optimized shifting position.

Optimised Cornering ABS

The new Optimized Cornering ABS system represents an additional confidence-inspiring aid to the rider of the new Speed Triple 1200 RS. The new Continental MIB-EVO ABS modular, with an integrated 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and more refined ABS control, continuously monitors roll, pitch and yaw acceleration rates, to calculate lean angle and ensure the optimum brake force for any situation.

The system is adjustable through the TFT instruments and left-hand switch cube, and offers two selectable levels of intervention, “Road” and “Track”. The “Track” settings have been tuned to be unintrusive, and virtually imperceptible during fast track riding. The ABS settings are linked to the riding modes, but can also be selected independently if the rider chooses.

The new linked braking system improves stopping distances and stability under hard braking.

Switchable Optimised Cornering Traction Control

Also facilitated by the IMU, the Speed Triple 1200 RS’s new Optimized Cornering Traction Control ensures the optimum slip rate and torque control at any lean angle, improving acceleration and control in both straight lines and when cornering.

There are 4 levels of intervention to choose from (“Rain”, “Road”, “Sport” and “Track”), plus the ability to turn traction control off completely. Again, the “Track” setting has been developed in order to maximize forward progress and minimize perceived intervention when riding hard. Traction control settings are linked to the riding modes, but can also be independently adjusted.

Enhanced front wheel lift control

The enhanced front-wheel lift control is designed to enhance rider control of the new 1160cc triple engine, without feeling intrusive to the rider, and has advanced new algorithms that continuously monitor the signals from the IMU to ensure smoother control and faster progress. The settings are linked to and optimized for each traction control mode, allowing the level of intervention to be tailored to the conditions and riding style.

5 customisable riding modes, with enhanced “Track” mode

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS features 5 distinct riding modes: Rain, Road, Sport, Track and Rider. Each riding mode adjusts the behavior of the bike to suit the intended use. Thanks to the ride-by-wire throttle system, the throttle response is adjusted according to the selected riding mode, as well as the traction control and ABS settings.

The new enhanced “Track” mode has been specifically designed to be as unintrusive as possible in track riding, while still providing the reassurance that the electronic systems are there to help in unexpected situations.

When in wet conditions, the rider can select the “Rain” riding mode, which reduces the power down to 100PS and increases the level of intervention of the other safety features.

Riding mode adjustments are easily accessible through the switchgear while riding.

Distinctive new all-LED lighting

Safety has been further enhanced thanks to the stunning new aggressively styled lighting system on the new Speed Triple 1200 RS, which includes the new LED headlights with incredibly distinctive new daytime running light signature (market-specific), that are now brighter and whiter for enhanced visibility on the road.

The attractive new tail light is equally distinctive and has been completely redesigned with a unique signature LED design, delivering a more compact silhouette to the rear.

Self-cancelling indicators are fitted as standard.

New full keyless system

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS is also equipped, for the very first time on a Triumph, with a full keyless system, including keyless ignition and steering lock, as well as a new keyless fuel filler cap.

To ensure greater security, the keyless system can be disabled if required with the simple press of a button on the key fob.

Cruise control fitted as standard

Through the switch cubes, the rider can activate the fully adjustable cruise control, which is fitted as standard, for improved long-distance rideability.

Enhanced switch cube illumination

To complete the riding-aid features, the unique in segment backlit switch cubes now have a new more penetrative amber glow from the LEDs inside the switches, making them easier to read.

For additional rider comfort and convenience, neatly integrated internally wired heated grips and a tyre pressure monitoring system are available as accessory fit.

Lightweight new lithium-ion battery

A lithium-ion battery is fitted as standard, which is 60% lighter than the equivalent lead-acid battery, reducing the overall weight by 2.3kg.

A new accessory battery charger is available, which is suitable for both lithium-ion and conventional lead-acid batteries.


The new Speed Triple 1200 RS is the new definition of pure aggressive attitude, poise & style, with a muscular and arresting poise and presence, and purer, cleaner and sharper lines. Encapsulating all of the iconic Speed Triple design DNA, born from the category creating 1994 original, this new generation resets the benchmark for focussed Speed Triple attitude and style.

Compact new bodywork

The compact new premium bodywork is shaped by newly designed elements such as a carbon-fibre front mudguard, color coded belly pan and seat cowl with an interchangeable pillion seat, and a new compact tail unit.

Distinctive new lightweight wheels

The aggressive look of the new Speed Triple 1200 RS is reinforced by its new 17-inch lightweight cast aluminum, black painted V-spoke wheels.

Two striking new Speed Triple colour schemes

Two bold new paint and graphics schemes are available for the new Speed Triple customer to choose from: Sapphire Black, with red and silver graphics, or Matt Silver Ice, with black, silver and yellow graphics.

Triumph’s signature attention to detail

A host of premium finishes, including dramatic new RS graphics and a branded handlebar clamp, can be admired on the new Speed Triple and, like all Triumphs, the incredible attention to detail led to all the cables and hoses being hidden from view.

New accessories

Speed Triple 1200 RS owners can personalize their motorcycle by choosing from a range of 35 accessories, with options to improve style and detailing, technology, luggage, protection, and care.

To personalize the style and detailing of the bike, the rider can choose to fit the body-colored flyscreen, tinted flyscreen visor, machined sports bar end mirrors, machined front and rear brake reservoirs, machined aluminum rear axle finisher and much more.

Technology can be further enhanced thanks to the range of accessories available: scrolling LED indicators and a tyre pressure monitoring system are just two examples of the possibilities available through the accessories list. The Triumph Protect+ alarm, as Triumph Track+ tracker with 24/7 monitoring are also available for added peace of mind. (Market restrictions may apply).

Accessory luggage is also available for the new Speed Triple, with matching water-resistant tank and tail bags which have a quick release mounting mechanism.

Speed Triple owners can further protect their motorcycle with frame protectors, fork protectors and tank pad, and also when parked with an all-weather cover and the accessory battery charger.

Price, service and warranty

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS will be £15,100.

Overall cost of ownership is reduced, thanks to the high 10,000 miles service interval, and the 2 years unlimited mileage warranty.

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS will be arriving at Triumph dealers from the end of February.


Aggressive, agile and purposeful; the original Triumph Speed Triple created the performance naked category back in 1994, and coined the phrase ‘factory streetfighter’. Designed from the ground up for the road, as a naked performance street bike, the 2005 Speed Triple 1050 then reset the benchmark all over again in a competitive class of predominantly adapted track oriented sports bikes.

With the new Speed Triple 1200 RS, once again, Triumph stands almost alone in the category with a motorcycle that has been designed first and foremost as a road-focussed naked performance street bike, with all of the benefits for the rider, and none of the shortcomings inherent in track-focussed motorcycles evolved for the road, where power, torque and handling can never be fully exploited.

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