Trike Appeal

Adding a unique, showstopper vehicle to your floor gets customers in the door.

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Contrary to popular belief, the sales process doesn’t begin inside the dealership. It begins when a customer shows interest in your products. 

Some consumers might spend hours researching the product in question before gracing your dealership with an in-person visit. For others, it’s an impulse — a sudden view of a vehicle or the store itself from the road that prompts a desire to learn more. Once they’re in the door and you’ve greeted them, you’ve just cleared the highest hurdle of the sales process. 

But instead of relying on chance to snag a customer, what you need is a certified hook — something unique and eye-catching that is bound to attract attention, even from those who might not otherwise have an interest in your store. But what is that attention-grabber? 

Dawn of the Trike 

Let’s face it: The motorcycle market is saturated. While there are several different types of bikes to appeal to various riders and tastes, they’re not exactly unique — at least, not unless you add a third wheel. 

Think about it: While it would take both your hands and another friend’s to count all the two-wheeled motorcycle manufacturers out there, it would only take one to count those who produce three-wheelers. In addition, each of those OEMs designs a very distinct type of three-wheeler with no two looking at all alike, whether that’s due to the placement of the wheels (are two of them in the front or the back?) or the design of the vehicle itself (does it look like a car, an ATV or a motorcycle?). 

The same can be said for Rewaco, a German-based manufacturer that has been designing and building innovative trikes since 1990. In an already niche market, Rewaco luxury trikes set themselves apart not only in looks — using an elongated chassis with a chopper-like appearance in the front and its “bagger” business in the back — but in German-engineered technology. 

 “Our trikes are unlike anything else available in the market,” says Webb Benninghoven, corporate director of dealer development, sales and market for Rewaco. “People driving by the dealership will stop to see them and new riders are attracted to the stability and comfort.” 

Rewaco trikes feature a Turbocharged 1.5-liter Mitsubishi engine, which pumps out 140 horsepower and gets them a top speed of 110 mph. This powerful engine includes a seven-speed CVT fully automatic transmission with independent rear suspension. In addition, the trikes’ unique design offers incredible aerodynamics; a wide stance with a low center of gravity, thanks to its mid-engine; and oversized wheels and tires. The bucket seats come with full back support for the rider and the passenger, giving a 360-degree view. A wide variety of options are available that offer wind protection, audio systems, 25 color choices, and two or three-seater models. 

In addition, Rewaco trikes offer the perfect opportunity to give mobility back to the physically handicapped. With their framing and stability, disabled persons are more easily able to maneuver into the seat and ride the trikes. In addition, Rewaco offers customized options for individual solutions to varying degrees of physical disability and will work with customers to convert the vehicles to fit their specific handicaps. 

Become an Exclusive, Destination Dealership 

Having modernized the trike for over 30 years and made successful sales in Europe, Rewaco has now brought the trikes to the U.S. and is on a mission to import and distribute these vehicles to all 50 states. Given America’s bias towards touring, these trikes present the perfect blend of accessibility, comfort, convenience and style that many tourers are looking for. 

That said, while Rewaco is intent on growing in the U.S., its goal is not to become the next Honda or Harley-Davidson. By producing only a few hundred machines a year, Rewaco concentrates not only on providing an exclusive, luxury product that can provide a surprising increase in your profit margins. Prices for Rewaco trikes average in the $40,000 range, meaning that earning up to a 16% margin from selling one trike would take the equivalent of selling several cheaper bikes from the mainstream OEMs. 

“We have dealers that have been able to transform their stores from surviving to thriving with our unique vehicles. Adding Rewaco trikes to any dealer’s offerings will attract new customers and create excitement at the store,” Benninghoven adds. 

Since Rewaco intends to remain exclusive, that means dealers who sign on get to lock in their territories, limiting competition and becoming the go-to destinations for Rewaco trikes in their areas. Of course, having the product alone isn’t enough, and you need to be able to dangle your hook in front of customers. Rewaco Trikes USA is committed to providing its dealers with the resources and assistance they need to thrive in today’s competitive market by giving them access to a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and resources designed to help attract and retain customers. 

“As a dealer, I personally witnessed how excited customers would get when seeing the Rewaco trikes for the first time. And the profitability they brought to our store really improved our bottom line. When the opportunity to work with Rewaco presented itself to me, it felt like the perfect place for me to help other dealers make a difference in their businesses,” Benninghoven concludes. 

If you’re ready to get more customers in the door, let Rewaco Trikes do the greeting for you. Visit www.rewacousa.com to check out the lineup and to become a Rewaco dealer today.   

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