Torrot Electric Bikes

The new range of Torrot electric bikes for children is an open door to the fun, safe sport of trial, enduro and supermoto, a gateway to the exciting universe of bikes.


The new range of Torrot electric bikes for children is an open door to the fun, safe sport of trial, enduro and supermoto, a gateway to the exciting universe of bikes.

Passions can awaken from the very earliest of ages, although many of us had to wait until we were 14 to be able to get onto a bike for the first time. However, now things are different. With the appearance of the new range of Torrot electric bikes there has been a complete revolution in the world of starting bikes for children. Now initiation is fun, safe, efficient and silent.

In a short time the new Torrot Kids have become the natural first step for the youngest riders in the off-road world. Fitted with a 48 V electric motor, with power which can be adjusted between 350 and 1500 W, theseKids models are manufactured taking into account the children’s progressive learning in the trial,  enduro or supermoto specialities.

And it is not only the children’s safety being taken care of but also the peace of mind of their parents. All the Torrot Kids 10 & 12 –in all their different versions – have a ‘Parental Control’. A wireless control system which permits parents to remotely configure and even deactivate their children’s bikes with a practical application designed for both iOS and Android devices. Operational parameters are easily programmed with the software that can be downloaded from the Torrot website. At the same time, all the kids bikes have a manually operated switch just behind the headlight mounting which reduces power by 50% with just one click.

Manufactured in Salt (Girona) with the maximum European guarantees of quality and safety, the new Torrot Kids have an easily rechargeable lithium battery which means that performance won’t drop during hours of use. The long travel EBR suspension, the sensitive braking system, together with the agile steel chrome molybdenum chassis and the tyres according to the bike version -trial, enduro and supermoto- achieve a bike completely adapted to the youngest rider. This is the winning formula for the greatest fun and safety for transmitting a passion for the world of two wheels and a respect for the off-road environment to girls and boys.


  •        TRIAL: Torrot Kids T10 & T12
  •        ENDURO: Torrot Kids E10 & E12
  •        SUPERMOTO: Torrot Kids S10 & S12, as well as the special edition Torrot Kids S12 Marco Simoncelli Replica SIC58, of the last version.

*The T10/E10/S10 models are recommended for children between 3 and 6, The T12/E12/S12 are recommended for children between 7 and 9.

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