Top 4 Technology Platforms Your Dealership Needs to Start Using Today

It should not come as a surprise that technology has been making its way into the powersports industry in a less than subtle way. While small dealerships used to get away with performing everything from accounting to service manually, growing businesses are unable to compete in the current landscape without some technology on their side.

That’s why we put together a short list of the three crucial technologies all powersports dealers should adopt to grow their business, empower their teams, and keep ahead of the competition.

  1. CRM – DP360

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is used to manage all of your business’s current and potential customer relationships and interactions. The goal of a CRM is to improve and nourish customer relationships which, in turn, grows your business.

CRM tools help companies connect to their customers, streamline customer-oriented processes, and increase profitability. In fact, 74% of businesses using CRM report that their customer relationships are stronger than they were before. That’s because CRMs collect, organize, and store complete customer data, like buying history, personal choices, and family details, in their database. This information allows you to better target customers at a personal level. For instance, if a customer clicked on a link in an email relating to a specific motorcycle, you can tailor content or an offer to best suit them, improving their customer experience, and generating revenue for your business.

At Blackpurl, we understand the necessity of a CRM for any growing dealership. That is why we integrate with DP360: the leading industry experts with over a decade of experience bringing process, procedure, and accountability to numerous powersports dealerships. With this integration, your dealership can mobilize your customer data and take advantage of numerous process, procedure, and accountability tools for sales, parts and accessories, and service departments.

2. Accounting Software – QuickBooks or Xero

Accounting software helps businesses record the flow of their finances and evaluate their financial condition. Accounting software allows you to perform a variety of accounting functions, like recording transactions, generating reports, and creating purchase orders, saving you valuable time and money.

Blackpurl simplifies the accounting process even further. Our intuitive, cloud-based platform integrates with QuickBooks and Xero, keeping everything together in one spot that you and your team can access anywhere, anytime. By integrating with world-class accounting software, your parts manager no longer just knows parts, they know sales and finance too.

3. Dealer Management Platform – Blackpurl

A Dealer Management Platform/System is software that dealers use to manage the various areas of their dealership such as sales, finance, parts, servicing and customer information. Modern, cloud-based systems like Blackpurl provide new and profitable ways to run a dealership, as they allow dealers to access all areas of their business from the one platform, with each department integrated within the whole.

Empower your dealership team with our extremely easy technician scheduling tool and mobile-friendly job clocking. Blackpurl’s tablet-friendly service write-up makes check-in easy and allows you to add photos to work orders, check the repair order queue, and monitor unit inventory quickly, from anywhere.

Additionally, having all the information related to your dealership at your fingertips allows you to automate processes and predict potential problems. For instance, Blackpurl offers major unit inventory management with cost tracking and support for insurance, warranty, and internal service orders, so you can track the costs put into units.

4. Ecommerce – Shopify

In an age where retail e-commerce sales worldwide make-up 4.28 trillion US dollars, having an online store is no longer a “nice to have,” but a necessity.

Customers are no longer only online shopping to find the best price; they shop online for convenience. Nowadays, if you are unable to provide online service to your customers 24/7, you will lose that customer, meaning that it is essential to have an online presence that is linked to your business systems in real-time.

Blackpurl’s real-time integration with Shopify allows you to manage over-the-counter sales and online sales effortlessly. Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform that powers over 1,700,000 businesses worldwide. Blackpurl’s integrations with other world-class solutions gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re choosing the right tool for every job.

Source: Blackpurl

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