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Tire Balls Multiple Air Cell Inflation System


Flat-proof your customer’s tires with the Tire Ball multiple air cell inflation system. The puncture of a Tire-Ball-inflated tire results in a single flat cell out of many, allowing most puncture situations to be ignored. Improve traction by running lower air pressure, thereby increasing the tires’ contact patch. Run the same plush low-pressure set up in any condition, whether muddy and soft or dry and hard. Enhance suspension by eliminating air transfer away from the contact patch. Air pressure is adjustable in each Tire Ball cell by using a valve similar to those used to inflate a basketball or football. Tire Balls range from $121.95 to $199.95.

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For more info: Tire Ball Development Co.

6244 Old Lagrange Road, Suite 20

Crestwood, KY 40014-7544

(877) 847-3225


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