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The Brotherhood of Bikers


One of the things that makes this industry so special is the brotherhood that is prevalent among fellow bikers – whether you are a moto dude, cruiser guy or scooter girl – we all stick together and help each other out when the chips are down. Can you imagine if corporate America acted with these same principles? Ah, but I digress.

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A few weeks ago I set out on my vintage café racer for a spirited ride through the countryside to my grandparent’s house. I wasn’t going for the “Ton” or anything of that sort. I was simply trying to get some miles in and enjoy the beautiful weather we were having, but that turned quickly when my bike ground to a halt halfway to my destination. We’ve all experienced it, but it had been a while since it happened to me.

I was testing out a new helmet and jacket so I didn’t even have tools with me. I generally keep a pocketful of tools in my customary leather jacket. I can’t even take the seat off without a 6mm allen wrench. Of course, the battery is under the seat, so I have to call for help.

While parked on the side of the road, car after car passed by with no one even blinking at me and my stranded bike. After several cars drove by, a guy on a Triumph Speedmaster stops to ask if I need help. He didn’t have any tools, but mainly wanted to talk about his bike and ask about mine.


That was great and all, but I was still stranded. When my brother finally showed up with a few tools, we got the seat off and discovered the 12 amp glass fuse had blown, cutting the power from the battery. We didn’t have a fuse, however, at just the right moment, Brian on a Harley Street Glide came to the rescue.

He lived a few minutes away and had a glass fuse at home and said he’d be right back. A few minutes later, there he was with the fuse in hand. He even installed it for me, and I was off and running again. The generosity of bikers plays out over and over in our industry with riders from adventure bikes (which we highlight in this issue) to a little old CB350 wannabe café racer. I told Brian I would pay it forward, and I intend to keep my promise. 

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