The Benefits of Powersports GPS Systems

Maximize your personal watercraft sales and beyond.

Dealer inventory is running weeks and months behind with supply chain backups at every juncture, so it is important to maximize revenue on every sale. One excellent source of much-needed additional revenue is GPS security, which you can sell through the finance and insurance (F&I) department as a hard add (no charge backs).

The rising cost of personal watercraft (PWC) ownership in particular — and the extended time it takes to even get the PWC — means it only makes sense the customer should have all the added advantages of GPS security. But what exactly are those advantages?

The first and most obvious one is real-time tracking from anywhere in the world. When kids, friends or relatives are on a PWC, it’s entirely possible they could become stranded, break down or get lost. Having GPS devices will keep users assured that they always know where loved ones are and can lend assistance if needed. Furthermore, storms can set PWC adrift, and thieves can make off with these expensive vehicles, leaving owners with thousands of dollars in losses.

However, with the use of GPS devices, these moments of despair look less bleak. Our GPS team, for instance, has assisted in recovering PWCs kept both in the water as well as on lifts, floating docks and trailers all over North America. Without a GPS, there would have been no way to find these vehicles when they were lost or stolen.

GPS devices need to be connected to the 12-volt system and installed in a hidden area of the vehicle — somewhere even the owner isn’t aware of. Of course, having a device that connects directly to the system gives users the assurance that what they are tracking is the PWC and not just the GPS device. This type of connection can even provide another advantage.  

One of the stressors of maintaining any powersports vehicle is keeping it well-maintained. Not only can GPS devices track a PWC (or any type of powersports vehicle), but certain ones can also send out reminders to the owner at intervals for service and maintenance. This benefits both your customer and your service department. Knowing the condition of the “batteries” and being alerted should they fall below the prescribed voltage means a customer never arrives to a day of fun with low batteries.

Dealers install GPS security to protect their customers’ investments, giving customers peace of mind, reminding them of service intervals and instilling confidence in their dealers. As a dealer, you want a GPS device designed specifically for powersports (notcars) and sold exclusively through retail dealers (notonline). In addition, knowing that security device is designed to handle water — including harsh salt water — is very important.

As with any aftermarket product, it is important to work with a company that works with you. Not only are point-of-sale materials very important but so is national advertising that drives customers to your dealership and —most importantly — having a partner company that works with you as a team for the sake of customer retention. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost revenue, consider adding GPS devices to your sales strategy.

Mike Conners is a corporate leader, manager and consultant with extensive business experience in top management positions and more than five decades of operational experience as manager and CEO of leading marketing, sales and distribution companies. In 2008, Conners founded and developed the first Early Warning GPS Security System for motorcycles and powersports. Find It Now USA, LLC has evolved into the preeminent supplier of GPS security exclusively for motorcycle and powersports dealers.

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