Proper Exhaust System Care

Keeping it clean is simple, but when is it time to repack?

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Tips for Selling Exhaust Systems

Customers have different reasons for wanting to buy; make sure you know the right product to recommend.

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Emissions, Heat and Noise Reduction in Exhaust Systems

There are some things you don’t want coming out of your pipes.

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Exhaust System Builds, Materials and Developments

Depending on the application, a motorcycle or powersport exhaust system’s makeup will impact function and performance.

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Yoshimura Parts Ways With Tucker, Joins WPS

After 20 years, Yoshimura and Tucker have ended their distribution agreement.

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Yoshimura Introduces Micro Combo LED Signals

Yoshimura has introduced its smallest signal yet! Don’t let the size fool you, these Micro Signals are some of the brightest signals on the market. This signal kit also works as a brake light and a running light. Micro Signals are great for bikes where you want the signals tucked in out of harm’s way.

Yoshimura 2021 Yamaha MT-09 Exhaust and FE Kit

Yoshimura’s R&D team immediately went to work on the development for the new Yamaha and called on our AT2 profile to handle the power and torque of the 890cc three cylinder – torque monster engine.

Yoshimura Debuts Onyx Edition for 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa

Two versions of R-77 Race Series Onyx Edition duals are available for the new Busa, a carbon fiber end cap or a stainless end cap with the Onyx treatment.

Yoshimura 2021 Honda Trail 125 Cyclone Exhaust

Up 5.7% max HP and a whopping 16% max torque, way up in the RPM range which means the rider can pull that gear when up in the RPM range.

Yoshimura Introduces 2022 Honda Grom Products

The Street Series Works Finish slip-on increases performance 11.1% max HP and 11.9% max torque.

Yoshimura AT2 Street Series Slip-on for Yamaha YZF-R3

The AT2 incorporates Yoshimura’s exclusive Works Finish an aggressively styled matte finish carbon fiber end cap complimented by a facet-formed tip while adding a nice tone to the parallel twin engine.

Yoshimura AT2 Race Series Full System for Yamaha YZF-R3

The race-bred AT2 system makes the R3 come alive, providing a 9.1% max H.P. gain and a 3.7% max torque gain.