Vee Rubber Unveils Rebranded Premium Brand Tires, Logo at AIMExpo

The Vee Rubber Group has announced its latest premium branded tires will be marketed under a new logo — VEE Moto Tires for the powersports industry starting at AIMExpo.

Vee Rubber to Highlight Three Tires at INTERMOT

Vee Rubber is highlighting three of its best-performing tires at this year’s INTERMOT motorcycle expo and trade fair.

Vee Rubber VRM-500 Off-Road Tire

Vee Rubber’s VRM-500 is a heavy-duty, long-wearing, off-road tire featuring stepped knob resist “chunking” and self-cleaning knobs for improved traction in muddy conditions.

MTA Distributing Announces Partnership with Vee Rubber Performance Tires

MTA Distributing recently announced a new partnership with Vee Rubber Performance Tires. The Thailand-based manufacturer produces a wide variety of tires for all types of vehicles – from bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, passenger car tires, truck tires and bias tires.

Vee Rubber VRM-119 C-R Honda Grom Racing Tire

Vee Rubber’s VRM-119 C-R Honda Grom racing tire has a racing-inspired tread design. The tire is meant to be an OE replacement tire and has a tubeless design.

Vee Rubber VRM-401 V-Grip Adventure Knob Tire

Vee Rubber’s VRM-401 V-Grip Adventure knob tire is a 40% on-road and 60% off-road DOT adventure tire. This tire has exceptional stability on sand, gravel and light mud environments and remarkable wet or dry traction on pavement.

Vee For Victory: Thai Tire Company is Winning the Battle for Worldwide Acceptance

Thailand is one of the world’s leading producers of natural rubber, so it only makes sense that they should be a leader in tire production at least that is how Vee Rubber sees it.

Vee Rubber Arachnid Touring Spyder Rear Tire

Vee Rubber’s Arachnid Touring Spyder rear tire is specially designed for the Spyder RT Ace 1330. This tire features a high load rating for passengers and luggage, and has an improved sidewall construction for better stability.

Vee Rubber VRM-109 Vintage MX Tires

Vee Rubber’s VRM-109 Vintage MX Tires are designed exclusively for Vintage MX’ers. These tires combine vintage looks with up-to-date technology. The VRM-109’s tall tire profiles provide an authentic classic look, while the knob pattern is designed in the timeless ’70s appearance.

Vee Rubber VRM-081 Tire

Vee Rubber’s VRM-081 tire is designed with the classic ’70s British tread pattern and is an excellent vintage tire for wet road or track conditions. The VRM-081 is available in most of the classic sizes.

Vee Rubber VRM-054 Tires

Vee Rubber’s VRM-054 are vintage tires in the classic Italian-designed tread pattern. The VRM-054 is an ideal choice for that older restoration or café, and is available in most vintage and café sizes.

Vee Rubber VRM-011 Vintage Street Tire

Vee Rubber’s VRM-011 Vintage Street tire is a classic rib front tire for vintage or café motorcycles. It combines a timeless pattern with modern compounds and construction.