FUELL: Reinventing Urban Mobility

The primary concept behind FUELL is to develop a unique range of vehicles for the new urban adventurers, thanks to freedom of design, engineering and distribution.

FUELL Launches New Powersports Dealer Program for 2021

This new and exciting dealer program is the next stage in the growth of the rapidly expanding business featuring the FUELL Flluid E-bike series of urban mobility vehicles.

Peugeot Cycles Reinvents Electrically-Assisted Urban Bicycle with eC01 Crossover

Its torque of 63 nM combined with the 10 gears allow you to slip through traffic with agility as well as tackle hills.

Apparel Pro: Urban & Commuter Gear

My partner commutes to work every day. Rain, shine, cold or extreme heat, he suits up head to toe and heads out to face traffic on the LA freeways. Personally, I think that these daily commuters are some of the most exposed riders on bikes. They’re doing the same thing day after day, riding the

Harley-Davidson’s New Street Rod Is Tuned For Dynamic Urban Performance

The new Harley-Davidson Street Rod motorcycle is a muscular middle-weight built to blitz the city streets. An addition to the Harley-Davidson Street model family, the Street Rod is agile, powerful and tuned for maneuvering through traffic and congestion.