Yoshimura Introduces Micro Combo LED Signals

Yoshimura has introduced its smallest signal yet! Don’t let the size fool you, these Micro Signals are some of the brightest signals on the market. This signal kit also works as a brake light and a running light. Micro Signals are great for bikes where you want the signals tucked in out of harm’s way.

HIGHSIDER Custom Motorcycle Components Now Available in the USA

Featuring modern styling, efficient technology, and superior quality, the initial product launch includes mirrors, headlights, turn signals, taillights and related accessories.

Oracle Lighting Launches Polaris Dynamic ColorSHIFT Surface Mount DRL Signature Light

The Dynamic FLOW Turn Signals has a sequential indicator which sends the LEDs in a wave towards the direction you are turning.

Drag Specialties LED Turn Signal Inserts

The inserts are a plug-and-play design and give a wide viewing angle when activated.

Drag Specialties Front Dual Ring Turn Signal Inserts

Available in bullet or flat lens style styles, these inserts feature an outer ring of 24 white LEDs that function as driving lights and an inner ring of 24 amber LED turn signal lights.

Kuryakyn by Kellermann Adds 3 Pint-Sized Powerhouses to Lineup

The Kuryakyn by Kellermann collection of high-output LED turn signals welcomed a trio of all-new incredibly small but amazingly bright options.

Yoshimura Diode Kit for LED Turn Signals

This diode kit works with all Yoshimura LED turn signals and it is recommended when switching from incandescent signals to LED signals.

Cyron Motor Releases New LED Lights for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

The AC1157AAW has a white halo in run mode, and amber center section that turns on when the turn signal is activated.

TST Industries Front Turn Signals Designed for Yamaha Models

The signals feature a unique design inspired by the Yamaha lineup and support plug-and-play wiring with all compatible models.

DOT & E-Marked Universal LED Turn Signals

These DOT & E-Marked Universal LED Turn Signals are powered by a single super bright LED, which draws only 1.1 watts.

Self-Canceling Turn Signals Should be Standard Equipment

The other night, I had my 1977 Yamaha out for a ride; a bike that has self-canceling turn signals. There was nothing new about that. Then I remembered that the brand new FJR1300 I rode last week did not have self-canceling turn signals. Why is that? Why does a 40-year-old Yamaha have signals that shut

Honda’s Simple Change Could Be Disastrous

Imagine, if you will, that you purchase a new car, and the turn signal stalk is on the right side of the wheel, and the horn button is on the dash, mixed in among the radio and A/C controls.