2022 Model Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Revealed and Arriving Worldwide at Dealerships

Additional all-new models to be introduced Jan. 26 in a premiere event.

Harley-Davidson, Street Bob
Trikes: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The three-wheeled motorcycle concept came out two years before Karl Benz was credited with creating the automobile. However, they have more or less been relegated to a small niche market within the industry.

Kendon Industries Trike/Spyder/Sidecar Trailer

Kendon Industries are busy designing a new trailer specifically for trikes, Spyders, sidecars, and other non-traditional powersports products. The new trailer will be designed to carry machines with different wheel and engine configurations than a typical two-wheeled motorcycle.

YelvingtonDesigns Suzuki Trike Conversions

YelvingtonDesigns.com introduced two new trike conversion models…the Suzuki TU250X and the Suzuki Burgman 650. Yelvington combines the classic styling of your bike model, the functionality of the Yelvington conversion and your imagination to create the complete “Rolling Art” trike package.

YelvingtonDesigns.com Trike Conversion Assembly for 2005-2015 Sportster

The new YelvingtonDesigns.com trike conversion assembly for the 2005-2015 Sportster converts a two-wheeled bike to the comfort and convenience of three wheels while keeping all accessories and exhaust.