Polaris Announces 2025 Snowmobile and Timbersled Lineup

Riders can build their dream snowmobiles through the SnowCheck program, which runs through March 27.

2025 Polaris snowmobile lineup
Polaris Announces 2024 Snowmobile Lineup

Timbersled, the original snow bike brand, introduces the RIOT Gen 2.

Polaris snowmobile 2024 lineup
Timbersled 2022 Snow Bike System Lineup Takes Riders to the Backcountry

Polaris Timbersled is back for 2022 with an exciting new lineup of Timbersled models, choices of new trim packages and options and industry-leading accessory options to take riders anywhere they want to go.

Timbersled Releases First Snow Bike Engine Oil

Timbersled has released a new 4-stroke engine oil aimed specifically at the snow bike market.

2018 Polaris Snowmobile and Timbersled Lineup

Polaris has announced its 2018 model lineup featuring purpose-built snowmobile models built on the innovative AXYS platform. The company also is redefining the snow bike market with the introduction the all-new Timbersled ARO platform.

Giant Loop Timbersled and Snow Bike Products

For winter 2015-2016, Giant Loop is turning its focus on the unique requirements of Timbersleds and other snow bike riders, with the market segment’s most comprehensive collection of fender-to-tunnel solutions.