Thermo-Tec Welcomes New Marketing Coordinator

Thermo-Tec’s new marketing coordinator, Randy Pugh, is helping the company continue to keep its cool. Pugh will handle all of Thermo-Tec’s marketing, graphics and photography.

Thermo-Tec Releases New Summer 2018 Catalog

Celebrating 30 years of innovation, Thermo-Tec has released its updated Summer 2018 catalog, now highlighting its Rogue Performance Products line.

Thermo-Tec Rogue Line of Basalt Heat Products, Wraps and Covers

The new Rogue Series includes T3 and T4 turbocharger covers and kits, 6-inch and 1-foot pipe shields, and 1-and 2-inch by 50-foot exhaust wraps, in both carbon fiber and ricochet black color schemes.

Chrissy Gilmore Returns to Thermo-Tec as CEO

Chrissy Gilmore, the daughter of Thermo-Tec Automotive founders Jim and Donna White, is returning to the heat and sound management products company as CEO.