Driving Your Team To Success

If you have ever watched racing on TV, you’ve probably noticed that everyone in the pit crew has a specific job during a pit stop. Think of your service department like a race team with your customer as the rider. When the customer drops off his unit, he will get it back sooner if everyone

Service Department Promotions

In 2008, our industry sold around 1.1 million units. The economy was hot, financing customers was easy and unit inventory levels were adequate to low. In 2009, the economy slammed on the brakes, and we have not achieved those 2008 new unit sales levels since. Over the last several years, our industry has delivered around

Insurance and Ethanol: Best Practices from a Shop That’s Doing it Right

Over the course of the last several years, ethanol has become a real problem for motorcycles. It clogs carbs, ruins fuel lines and rusts gas tanks. Team Charlotte Motorsports in Charlotte, N.C., knows how to combat this issue.

Service Department Review: Set Up 2013 for Success

Depending on your location in the U.S. and the makeup of your business, January can be a very slow month in the service department. However, having a slow month or two can be very helpful. It is a great time to review the last year and make any necessary adjustments. Adjustments might be the number

Is The Customer Always Right? Service Department Reputation Management

Sometimes, customers become upset due to simple miscommunication with dealership employees. Other times, customers are just downright difficult to appease. C.R. Gittere explains how to deal with and overcome these situations as they arise.

Revisiting The Three Cs of Service Writing

I have received some reader feedback from my recent article about the three Cs of service writing. The feedback asserted that I’d gotten the three Cs wrong. I defined the three Cs as consistency, customer service and clarity. I believe that a service writer’s job is to be focused on the No. 1 priority of taking care of the customer.

Service Department Risk Management

America is becoming a more litigious society, and shops need to be aware of this all day, every day. Every employee needs to know that if their work isn’t conducted properly and thoroughly, your shop could find itself in hot water. Here are 11 ways to reduce your risk of litigation.

Clean Up Service Profits

Two Tricks To Increase Service Department Profitability

The Three Cs of Service Writing

Maintain a consistent, customer service oriented, clear relationship with customers

Vehicle Check-In Primer

Checking in is More Important for Service Departments than Hotels