Lucas Oil’s New Synthetic 4-Stroke SxS Engine Oil Protects Important Off-Road Vehicle Components

Designed specifically for use in side-by-side, ATV and UTV off-road vehicles, this new synthetic SxS lubricant uses Lucas’ race-proven engine oil formulation to protect vital engine components in all riding conditions.

Suzuki Introduces ECSTAR MX9000 Full Synthetic Motocross Racing Oil

The Suzuki ECSTAR engine oil lineup all derived from Suzuki’s racing heritage and the increasing need for products that can handle the demands of high-performance engines.

Fire Power Releases Racing Motor Oils, Including a 100% Synthetic With Racing Ester Performance

Fire Power 10W-40 and 20W-50 Full Synthetic motor oils are fortified with ester and when combined with Fire Power’s Next Generation engine protection technology, offer the best performance and value.

Yamalube’s New High-Performance Full Synthetic Engine Oils Now Available

Yamalube provides enhanced engine performance, fuel efficiency and excellent thermal stability for advanced protection in any on- and off-road application.

Silkolene Pro-4 XP 4-Stroke Engine Oil Recommended for Large Capacity Engines

Using electrostatic forces to bond low-friction molecules to stressed metal surfaces, Pro 4 releases hidden power and ensures long-term performance retention.