MIC Symposium Series: What Pre-Owned Is Telling Us About the Powersports Market

National Powersports Auctions CEO Jim Woodruff will be the presenter.

MIC Symposium, Pre-Owned market update
MIC Symposium: Mid-Year Economic and Industry Updates

This 50-minute webinar will cover economic conditions and key trends in the powersports industry.

MIC Symposium
MIC Symposium: A Conversation With MIC’s New Chair and Vice Chair

The symposium webinar takes place April 20 at 10 a.m. PT.

MIC Symposium
MIC Symposium 22: Government Relations Update

MIC gives an election recap and legislative/regulatory outlook for 2023 on Dec. 15.

MIC symposium
MIC Symposium: Global Expansion: A Conversation with Market Expansion Leaders

Leaders from three countries will discuss strategies to attract new riders.

MIC Symposium
MIC Symposium: The Dealer Mindset

The symposium will look at the “Bike First” and “Rider First” mentalities.

MIC Symposium
Registration is Open for the Third MIC Dealer Roundtable on October 21

For dealers and general managers, the roundtable taking place on 10 a.m. PT will feature a deep-dive into current and relevant topics that will provide solutions on improving your staffing, inventory and bottom-line. Aftermarket and vehicle manufacturers and distributors can discover valuable insights on improving the customer experience, maximizing existing resources, and growing your business. The

Q4-’22 Outlook MIC Symposium Sep. 23 at 10 AM Pacific

Competitive Analytics will provide an update of new data, predictive analytics, and strategic perspectives on the macroeconomy and the powersports industry.

More Riders, Riding More: What Does It Mean for Me?

“More Riders, Riding More – The Ridership Session” outlined action plans for the developing industry-wide initiative. For dealers, one of the most popular questions that emerged from these presentations was, “what does this mean for me?”

MIC: Initial Tactical Steps for Industry Ridership Initiative Showcased at Symposium

“More Riders, Riding More – The Ridership Session” outlined these action plans for the developing industry-wide initiative, presented by MIC staff and strategic consulting company Centauric at the Nov. 21 symposium in Long Beach, CA.

MIPS Details Motorcycle Industry Expansion with Safety Symposium

The gathering served as an ideal opportunity to bring together a collection of some of the most important figures in the industry, where MIPS executives educated the group on the science behind the MIPS and provided an avenue for attendees to spread critical awareness throughout the industry and its consumers.