Works TripleGuard Road Race Chain

The Sunstar 520RTG1 Works TripleGuard Road Race Chain is the same one used the past few seasons by HSBK Factory Racing team on the Aprilia 1000s.

Sunstar SK2 Directional Non-round Discs

Sunstar Braking’s newer generation of the SK street disc now features a directional carrier and reduced weight – almost 10 percent lighter than the previous series. Benefits include highly reactive brake performance, smoother feeling, less weight for improved handling and higher heat dissipation.

SUNSTAR and BRAKING Unveil New Combined Website

The new site provides an easy-to-use dealer locator with dealerships who stock or can order all SUNSTAR and BRAKING products of choice.

Sunstar TripleGuard Sealed Chain

The Sunstar 520XTG Works TripleGuard sealed chain with Sunstar standard steel rear sprocket features a sealed ring, which has three sealing lips, and lubrication pools on each side to maintain lubricity and guard the critical areas of the chain.