OEM Update: 2024 Segway Villain

Segway’s introductory sport side-by-side is over-engineered and full of convenient tech.

OEM Update, 2024 Segway Villain
Important Maintenance Checks for Motorcycle Storage

From the fuel and lube to the battery and tires, learn how you can keep your bike from corroding during the cold season.

battery, battery charger, maintenance
PWC and Boat Oil Tips for Winter

One of the biggest questions most PWC and boat owners ask is if they need to change oil before or after winter storage.

Should You Change PWC Oil Before Winter Storage or After?

While the oil filter works hard all season, changing the oil is the only way to remove residual acids and moisture left in the crankcase.

Rigg Gear UTV Hydration/Storage Bag

This universal bag fits in between the seats of most sport and utility UTVs for quick access to hydration and essentials while on the trail.

Nelson-Rigg hydration bag
PODCAST: Winter Service & Storage

For many dealers in the snow belt, offering a winter storage program can be an excellent way to keep a customer engaged and maybe add some service work during the off-season. We found that storage programs vary from dealer-to-dealer, but many are offering packages tied to service.

Offering Winter Storage Programs to Boost Service

We may have a few good days left to ride (if we’re lucky), but most riders park their bikes before the first snowfall.

Tourmaster Saddlebags Use Nylon Construction to Prevent Pipe Burn

The removable neoprene pad on the inside helps protect both the bike and bag from wear and tear and its mesh compartments provide additional storage space.

Rigg Gear Rear Cargo Storage Bag

This storage bag has a universal mounting system and is designed for UTV’s with a bed and cross bar behind the seats. They fit perfectly in the RZR XP and RZR 900 models.

VP Racing Fuels Introduces New SureCan

Featuring a rotating nozzle and thumb release trigger, VP SureCan allows the flow of fuel to dispense from the bottom of the can so gravity does all the work.