Super73 Creates Custom E-Bike with Lightsaber Technology

SUPER73 collaborated with Kohli to design a menacing, red-and-black e-bike that drew inspiration from one of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars world: the TIE fighter.

Luke Skywalker X-Wing Rebel Fighter IS-5 Helmet from HJC

The classic character is captured through great attention to detail, right down to the marks of distress and amber sunshield to create remarkable character resemblance. Both are retro-style, open face helmets, with drop down sunshields.

HJC Introduces New Marvel and Star Wars Themed Helmets

After touring HJC’s Vietnam factory earlier this year, we got a sneak peek at a few things maybe we weren’t supposed to see yet, but we kept it quiet until now. The Korean helmet manufacturer, HJC, knows that graphics are a big part of what sells helmets, and in some cases it is as important