Spectro Performance Oils Announces New Detailing Product

Spectro Shine is long lasting and forms a dirt and mud barrier, repelling the dirt and debris from roads as well as heavier mud deposits from off-road adventures.

Spectro Oils Partners with Analog Custom Motorcycles

Spectro Oils of America has announced that it has partnered with Analog Motorcycles. These two brands will work side-by-side on many of the great builds created by Analog founder Tony Prust, as well as showcase together at events across the country.

Spectro Oils of America Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

March 2016 marks a milestone for Spectro Oils of America – its 50th anniversary. In 1966, Spectro was founded in Connecticut by Robert H. Wehman, where the company has remained family owned and operated for 50 years. Spectro is one of the pioneers in the 2-stroke motorcycle oil industry.