How to Sell Gear to Seasoned Riders

Unlike with new riders, price probably isn’t the object.

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How to Sell Gear to New Riders

Put yourself in the customer’s mindset and ask some questions.

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AIMExpo Panel: Powersports Industry Pain Points

The opening panel discussion at AIMExpo covered a plethora of issues for dealers.

AIMExpo 2022
Text-to-Pay at Dealerships

A breakdown of new data on payment collection during the pandemic.

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F&I: You Make Money When You Buy, Not When You Sell

Most of us have heard the saying “you make money when you buy, not when you sell.” It’s about buying the inventory at a cost that gives you enough margin when selling it in the competitive market that we all live in.

Off-Road Selling: There’s Plenty of Dirt to Dig in Off-Road Markets

According to the latest stats from MIC, the off-road segment is hot, which leads us to believe there are plenty of opportunities for dealers willing to play in the dirt.

Sales Talk: Focusing on Female Ridership

With women riding down the road in record numbers, we are the fastest growing segment of the motorcycle marketplace, and we’re seeing the push to pull in female customers in all areas of the industry.