Drag Specialties Cool Comfort Quick-Attachment Air Pads

The new Cool Comfort Air Pad from Drag Specialties features FoamAir cushion technology designed to be used on top of your existing seat for added comfort and extended riding time.

Royal Riding’s New LoPro Line

To keep up with technology, Royal Riding is rolling out the LoPro line at the 2017 Hollister Independence Rally, June 30-July 2.

Pro Pad Inc. Quilted Diamond Mesh Seat Pad

Pro Pad Inc. has announced the latest addition to its line of seat pads, the Quilted Diamond Mesh. This product uses a quilted layer of black, mesh fabric to provide both a soft cushion and breathability while maintaining great style.

Roland Sands Design FL Solo Seat and Passenger Pad

Roland Sands Design’s FL Solo Seat and Passenger pad create a seamless blend of the two parts. Rather than disrupting the lines of the H-D Bagger, RSD worked meticulously to set the hand shaped solo seats so they are as comfortable as they are stylish.