Tech Tips: Gasket and Seal Tips

Servicing and repairing powersport vehicles requires replacing gaskets and seals on a regular basis.

Permatex Optimum Gasket Makers for High Stress, Extreme Temperatures

Permatex has just launched its Optimum Gasket Maker line, a new generation of high performance gasket makers formulated to take sealing performance and reliability to the next-level.

SKF Seal Products for Two-Wheeler Forks and Shock Absorbers

Piston seals and fork closed cartridge seals from SKF are both offered for the Showa SFF-Air TAC. Packaged and distributed by InnTeck, this kit replaces the air piston seals and original rod seals of the Showa SFF Air-TAC forks, used on some Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki models.