Rivera Primo Says Farewell to its Whittier HQ

Rivera Primo has left its old HQ behind, but it will be taking up a new residency in California. Its an all new Rivera Primo with new products, new machinery and new digs. Since February 1, 2016 Rivera Primo has been servicing all its customers from two new facilities.

Rivera Primo Gear Ratio Game Changer

Rivera Primo has devised a sprocket that works with the OE compensator assembly and fixes the gear ratio all at the same time. Rivera Primo’s Game Changer sprocket has 32 teeth coupled with the stock basket to give you all the down low torque your bike will need.

Rivera Primo HedLed Touring Kit

Rivera Primo’s HedLed Touring Kit has one LED solid state 7” headlamp and two 4 1/2” LED spotlamps, both with high and low beams that will outshine most halogen and H.I.D. light and most LED headlamps on the road.

Rivera Primo Pro Clutch

Rivera Primo’s Pro Clutch is known for holding horsepower and no strain on the forearm. The Pro Clutch is for severe-duty performance applications, and made of lightweight aircraft quality aluminum forgings, machined to an incredibly close tolerance and hard anadized for long wear in adverse conditions.

Rivera Primo Retro Air Scoop

Rivera Primo has had a ton of people ask for a retro velocity stack, so the company designed the Retro Air Scoop. This innovative air scoop allows directional air flow from either a verticle position or a forward facing horizontal position.

Rivera Primo Sealed LED Headlamp Display

Rivera Primo is releasing its HedLED headlamp display to its dealers in the next few weeks. The display is made with 18 guage steel, has full color graphics, will sit on a countertop or on slatwall and is very sturdy. The display comes completely wired with pushbuttons and a plug-in power supply.

Rivera Primo HedLED H4 Halogen Bulb

Rivera Primo has announced a new lighting product for all those HD Road Glides out there. Rivera Primo developed an inexpensive LED module that replaces the stock H4 Halogen bulb, is twice as bright and draws about an eighth of the amperage.

Rivera Primo Four to Six Speed Conversion Kit

This kit will transform a worn-out 4-speed swingarm shovelhead into a driving machine sporting a 1990 and later drive train. This conversion kit replaces taper shaft 4-speed units with a brand new polished PowerDrive 6-speed.