Pull Rods for 2017 CRF450R/RX

Ride Engineering’s new longer billet pull rods are a key ingredient to balancing out the 2017’s suspension, increasing traction on acceleration, utilizing all the travel and improving handling.

Ride Engineering Triple Clamps

With three different offsets to choose from (20, 22-stock or 23.5) these triple clamps can get your customer’s YZF handling like a pro.

New Billet Clutch Cable Bracket for the 2017 CRF450R

Ride Engineering’s new Billet Clutch Cable Bracket for the 2017 CFR450R removes all flex from the engine mounted cable holder giving the clutch a smoother, more consistent feel.

Ride Engineering Billet Front Brake Caliper

The Ride Engineering machined brake caliper lowers lap times with improved braking power and feel. It provides stronger, more progressive braking over stock.

Ride Engineering Husky Front End Improvements

Ride Engineering has new 2016 Husqvarna / KTM clamps available in silver, black, orange and blue. These clamps have been designed with these goals in mind including: dampening, flex and improved handling and steering.

Ride Engineering Double Button Holeshot Device

Ride Engineering has introduced a new Double Button Holeshot Device. This device allows racers to select two settings depending on the type of starting pad. This holeshot has two launching heights, one for a concrete start and one for loamy dirt.