The Resurgence of Retro Styling

Many bikes today pull at consumers’ nostalgic heartstrings — but offer all kinds of modern tech.

Yamaha XSR900
BSA Returns with Retro Gold Star

After almost 50 years, the British manufacturer returns, previewing its first new model.

BSA Gold Star
Kawasaki Introduces New Cafe Style Motorcycle

The Z900RS CAFE adds a classic front fairing, stepped seat and black low rise handlebars to the nostalgic Z900RS inspired design to Kawasaki’s retro style line of motorcycles.

Honda to bring Monkey, Super Cub C125 to U.S. Market

Honda announced on June 7, at the Smoky Mountain Crawl Rally, that they will be releasing the Monkey and Super Cub C125 ABS models for the 2019 model year.

Heidenau Tires Features Classic Design with Modern Construction

Heidenau Tire’s K34 is a blend of classic design with modern construction.

Kawasaki to Release Limited Quantities of Z900RS CAFE

Meticulously crafted, Kawasaki claims the Z900RS as one of the most authentic retro-styled machines in appearance and design, paying homage to an era of motorcycles that shaped the Kawasaki brand.

ARAI Defiant-X

Arai recently introduced the Defiant-X as sort of its version of a retro-styled helmet. This helmet features a peripheral belt shell construction that is several layers bonded together with proprietary adhesives and then beefed up in the most critical areas with an aerospace-grade super fiber belt.

Beyond Boomers: What Are the Kids Riding?

I recently read an article on Motorcycledaily.com about “Why don’t we see more Japanese Retro Bikes?” If you read the comments section, you can see why. Everyone has a different idea as to what “Retro” looks like, and it’s going to be almost impossible to satisfy all of the people like the ones in the comments section.

Apparel Pro: Vintage & Retro

While the motorcycle industry thrives on new bike sales, it’s a lot of fun to watch the resurgence of interest in the older, vintage bikes. Driven in large part by the hipster market, which is huge in several unlikely markets across the United States, I see lots of opportunities for dealers to profit from the

Retrograde Motion: What is Old is New Again!

Slab seats, flat bars and universal tread tires… what is old is new again. In a case of retrograde motion, these classic hallmarks seem to be the choice of builders these days (see sidebar on the Handbuilt show).

Tasting the Change

Right now “retro” is where it’s at as Yamaha has confirmed with its new “Sport Heritage” segment that will take over from the phased out Star Motorcycle brand.