Diagnose Motorcycles and Powersports with CanDo’s MOTO Pro Scan Tool

The MOTO Pro is a comprehensive, full-functionality scan tool for motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

How Dealers Use Service Contracts to Strengthen Customer Relationships

As the technology on recreational vehicles grows more complex, components become more complicated to fix. When customers buy a new vehicle, they may not anticipate the high cost of maintenance and repair.

Tech Tips: Scooter Repair & Maintenance

With more and more scooters on the road racking up miles, there is a greater need for service work on these machines as they cruise most parts of the earth. From the super-simple two-stroke to fuel-injected ABS models, there is a lot of diversity in the scooter market these days. Here we will go over some tips

The Colby Valve – Valve Stem Replacement Options

Colby Valve has developed a number of new valve stem replacement options for the powersport industry. Most powersport enthusiasts have experienced a broken valve stem while out on a trail. A broken valve stem typically puts a halt to any off-road activities, cutting a ride short.

Harley Dealer Partners with Community College to Offer Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Certificate

A unique sponsorship between Seacoast Harley-Davidson and local community college has brought a new motorcycle training certificate program to New Hampshire.

Yamaha V-Max and V-4 Valve Clearance

The Yamaha V-Max showed up in 1985 and ran for more than 20 years in its first generation form. Derivatives of this V-4 engine were also used in the Venture, Venture Royale and Royal Star models. The firing order of this engine is cylinder: #1 (0°), #3 (180°), #2 (430°), #4 (610°). There is a

Harley-Davidson Spring Plate, AKA The ‘Grenade Plate’

A grenade plate sounds like a piece of military equipment used to upgrade the armor of a vehicle or fit a grenade launcher to a rifle. Unfortunately this has become the nickname for a component found in the clutch pack of some of the most popular motorcycles on the road. The spring plate in the

Vintage Machines

What is the goal with the bike – a beater to ride or show queen?