Z1R Rain Suits

The new suits for men and women are redesigned and come in three colorways.

Rain suits
Apparel Pro: Rain Suits

Staying dry is paramount to safe, comfortable riding.

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Joe Rocket 2-Piece Waterproof Suit

The RS-2 two-piece waterproof suit from Joe Rocket features a waterproof soft polyester outer shell with PVC backing and reflective stripes.

Fly Street Gear 2-Piece Rain Suit

The Fly Street Gear two-piece jacket and pant combo rain suit features a high-quality polyester shell construction with a slick inner liner that makes putting the suit on a breeze.

Apparel Pro: The Best Of 2017

In this month’s column we highlight some of the segments covered over the past year. From commuter gear to full-face helmets, Alisa gives sound advice on selling and the technical aspects of all the gear your customers use.

Olympia Horizon Rain Suit

Unlike standard straight cut or bat wing shaped rain jackets, the Olympia Horizon offers a truly ergonomic fit for added comfort and reduced wind drag at speed. A stow away stretch knit rain hood with rubberized waterproof aqua barrier and neck gator, plus an interior stow away jacket compartment, makes this style the perfect traveling companion for any destination.

Apparel Pro: Rainsuits

There are a lot of good reasons to ride a motorcycle to the airport here in Southern California. If not to beat the hellish LA traffic, there’s always the free parking perk to consider. These two pluses definitely cancel out the awkwardness of balancing a piece of roller luggage on the pillion pad of my

BMW RainLock Rain Suit

BMW’s wind and waterproof two-piece outer suit for ladies and men makes an excellent fit over all non-waterproof clothing. Also designed for use away from the motorcycle, the suit has excellent visibility due to bright jacket color and all-around reflective strips, providing a high level of safety.