EARPEACE Partners with NEXX Helmets on Motorcycle Hearing Protection

The collaboration features EARPEACE’s patented contour earplugs in NEXX’s signature “cherry” color.

R&G Expands Adventure Bars Range With New BMW Applications

Adventure bars protect motorcycles in the event of a drop or crash.

BMW adventure bars
EVS Elbow Guards/Pads

Elbow protection is often overlooked.

Fuel Capital Group and Safe-Guard Products International Partnership Delivers Complete Motorcycle Protection Solution to Dealers

The program, launched Aug. 3, enables the Fuel Capital Group to provide a complete, branded protection product solution to dealers under the Fuel Capital Protect name.

Wheel & Deal

When it comes to purchasing a powersports vehicle, protection is the most valuable asset in order to keep your client’s new addition in its original condition. As a dealer, we know you want to make sure your customers are equipped with the latest and greatest in terms of maintenance packages and service contracts.

EVS Sports Leather Jacket Adds Protection, Style

It features perforated leather panels for increased airflow along with removable elbow and shoulder pads for added protection.

Pecard Leather Care Weatherproofing Conditioners Protects Clothing

In order to prolong the life of your clothing that keeps you dry, weatherproofing needs to be reinforced periodically.

Bohn Body Armor

The Bohn Bodyguard System (shirt and pant combo) is designed to wear under your favorite T-shirts, jackets and jeans.

Motonation Forcefield

Motonation’s technical approach to product, construction and materials resulted in the Forcefield Layering system being able to work at its best while keeping the rider protected, warm, dry and comfortable.

ProTect Armor Vest

Made of 600 danker poly with a breathable poly liner, the ProTect Armor Vest is built for 360-degree protection. The internal components are made of 1/2″ thick HD foam with a 29-oz Armor Duck mesh fabric to dissipate the impact of wrecks taken in motocross racing.