AJP Announces 2018 U.S. Model Lineup, Including 600cc Rally Bike

The off-road race-only edition of the PR7 is coming to the U.S. While it is not street legal, the new off-road bike is designed to be the ultimate open-class rally racer.

AJP Announces 2017 Lineup, Including Two New Models

AJP has been praised by enthusiasts and media for its handling, top-notch components and great value. For 2017, AJP will bring back the PR3, PR4, and PR5 with some minor modifications, but the Portuguese manufacturer has also added two new models to the mix. The big news is that AJP will now offer “Extreme” versions

AJP Plants a Stake in U.S. Dirt Bike Market

Offering dealers chance to carry a quality bike at a competitive price point [dropcap]S[/dropcap]cott Armstrong got his start as a small independent dealer in the Northeast that catered to enduro riders and off-road adventurers. His shop sold mostly “exotic” bikes and accessories, but he always wanted to do something on a bigger scale. Then came