Comoto Holdings, Podium Announce Partnership to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Comoto Holdings is working together with Podium to offer webchat, reviews, messenger and more to its customers across the country.

6 Reasons Why Reviews are Vital for Dealerships

In an era of smartphones and on-demand everything, local businesses are collectively understanding that online reviews could make or break a business.

Podium Appoints Chief Product Officer and EVP of Engineering

Podium announced the appointment of John Foreman as chief product officer and Tim Milliron as executive vice president of engineering.

Podium: Impact of COVID-19 on Online Reviews

The results from the nationwide study highlight how COVID-19 has driven key shifts in expectations and perceptions around online reviews, particularly in relation to local businesses.

Podium Named to Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups List

Podium modernizes the way business happens locally with products designed to help businesses be found, chosen, and gain insight into their customers’ experience.