PODCAST: 15 Minutes a Day

What would it be like to take total control of time? It only takes 15 minutes a day.

PODCAST: Direct Mail Marketing & The 98% Solution

There are cycles in everything. Weather, economies, business and evenhealth. But it’s what you do during these cycles that can help keep yourdealership performing at a very high level. There is power of postage.

PODCAST: Universal Law & Training

Another Universal Law is the Law of Attraction. Simply put, we attract into our lives whatever we put out. What the heck does that mean? It means, what you do is what comes back to you. Has this ever happened to you?

PODCAST: Powersports Diagnostic Scan Tools

If you are not using an advanced diagnostic tool today, then in most cases, it makes it nearly impossible to provide complete service on today’s vehicles, all of which are now equipped with electronic control units.

PODCAST: Improving Database Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

In today’s technology-filled world, we are surrounded by data, which influences to how we make decisions in our day-to-day lives. When it comes to running our dealerships, our databases could hold the key to improved marketing strategies that could better the customer experience.

PODCAST: V-Twin Q1 Market Update

With the first quarter results in from major OEMs, the impact of the coronavirus has created a rippling effect that will reflect well into the remainder of the year.

PODCAST: Dealership Do Overs

As dealers, this is your chance to call for a do over. Many of you have been without a sales staff for a month or more. Time allows for new ideas and I hope you have some.

PODCAST: Virus Lessons

Success is like a virus in that it can be very contagious. The difference is whether you make the decision to spread the “germ.”

PODCAST: The Importance of Practice

Every single day, dealers, managers and even salespeople use an excuse to avoid proper training. Except for one very exclusive group: top performers.

PODCAST: Staying Positive During COVID-19

One thing that is true in the powersports industry is that riding brings happiness and positivity. During a time of social distancing, industry expert Craig Johnson of Wild Ass Seats discusses how riders and dealers can enjoy this time by doing what we enjoy: riding!

PODCAST: Online Courses for Dealers Available During COVID-19

“While dealerships are closed, there should be some things that we could do to help them get better for when things do come back, because they’re going to come back.”

PODCAST: Dealership Reviews & Texting

Curious to learn more about improving reviews at your dealership? Are you looking for new ways to reach your customers without getting lost in a game of phone tag? Industry expert Graham Anderson of Kenect explains the importance of reviews and discusses how texting can benefit your dealership.