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Five Fast Ways to Boost Your Sales Expertise

Your Missing Link

How LinkedIn accelerates performance, expertise and credibility

What Makes Them Click?

How to Write a Persuasive Email That Gets Results

Body Language Spoken Here: Part 2

What You’re Silently Telling Your Customers

Body Language Spoken Here

Nonverbal communication tells you what your customers won’t. Learn the 15 common nonverbal tells that you might observe during a typical day.

Getting the Band Together: The Entwistle Effect

Your dealership is like a rock band. Think about this: You need to have the right musicians to make great music (or what I like to call “classic rock”). In addition to writing and recording memorable songs that stand the test of time, there are two primary factors that determine a band’s success: ability and

How To Work With People You’d Rather Not

It’s vital to learn how to work with people you don’t exactly get along with. Here are eight steps to make the process as painless as possible.

Ask Your Customers Smarter Questions

Johnny Carson was and remains one of my favorite entertainers ever. In my mind, the man who redefined late-night television ranks right up there with Jimmy Page. Apparently, I’m not alone, as countless clips from The Tonight Show still generate thousands of views on YouTube every year. That’s why I’m both surprised and disappointed that

Skills and Plans to Perfect Your Negotiating Style

Think you’ve got your negotiation tactics down pat? Here are some additional concepts to consider to help you close more sales.

How to Negotiate a Great Deal

Your ability to effectively negotiate is vital to your business success.

How To Give Trade Values Without Getting Punched In The Face: Part Two

In last month’s issue of MPN, we discussed some ways to negotiate trade-in values of bikes with customers. For the most part, if you stick to your sales experience, knowledge of your store and knowledge about the vehicle, you should be in good shape to offer the customer the best deal without losing money. In

How to Give Trade Values Without Getting Punched

“So what will you give me for my trade?” The customer eyes you up with the intensity of a Turkish carpet trader at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. You look at his gleaming 9-year-old freshly washed ride and take in the custom paint job. It truly is a piece of work. You’ve probably seen this