Project X Ep. 11: Attending to the Drivetrain

We’ve done a ton of work on the Project X ATV at this point, and the end of the rebuild is so close we can taste it. However, all of that work we’ve shown you in prior episodes doesn’t mean anything if the vehicle’s drivetrain isn’t in proper order. In this episode, Josh gets into

Project X Ep. 9: Replacing the Seat & Grips

This episode covers the replacement of wearable items such as the seat cover and handlebar grips.

Namura Kawasaki 300 Brute Force Piston Kit

New this month is the NA-20005 piston kit, along with a range of oversizes from .5mm to 1.5mm over. This kit fits 2012-’16 Kawasaki 300 Brute Force models, as well as various Kymco ATV and scooter models from 2005-’10.