Emissions, Heat and Noise Reduction in Exhaust Systems

There are some things you don’t want coming out of your pipes.

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Tech Tips: Muffler Packing

A four-stroke muffler will not get saturated with unburned oil as with a two-stoke, but the muffler material needs to be refreshed every so often all the same.

Rinehart Releases Slimline Duals for Indian Touring, Bagger and Cruisers

In combination with Rinehart slip-on mufflers, the Slimline Duals deliver a blast of torque and horsepower.

Royal Enfield North America Partners With S&S Cycle

Royal Enfield North America has partnered with S&S Cycle, launching high flow, slip-on mufflers for the newly available Twin 650 platform.

Two Brothers Racing Introduces New Storm Series Mufflers

Two Brothers Racing designed three new lightweight, race performance mufflers under the Storm Series including the Hurricane, Cyclone and Typhoon.

Yoshimura Muffler Bracket for 2015-18 Yamaha R3

The Yoshimura Muffler Bracket replaces the heavy stock units and provides a secure mount for the Alpha T exhaust system.

Yoshimura R-34 Honda Rebel 500 Muffler Profile

This megaphone style muffler is hand formed with a Works Finish stainless steel sleeve that houses custom tuned baffling and premium packing, finished with a sculpted CNC machined aluminum hard-anodized end cap.

Samson Longtail Cholo Muffler and Headpipe Combo Exhaust System

Genuine 36″ Samson True Dual Cholos for Softail motorcycles can only be found at Samson Exhaust. There are many that attempt to emulate the sound and style of Samson Cholos, but none come close, says the company.