Motorcycle Group Launches MotoLoan Program

Motorcycle Group will present lease and loan offers simultaneously to qualified applicants so dealers can maximize their sales.

PODCAST: Vehicle Leasing Made Easy

Emre Ucer, managing partner at MotoLease gives helpful tips on how dealers can attract more customers by offering vehicle leasing.

MotoLease Testing Zero-Down Loan Program

Powersports Finance reported that MotoLease has piloted a program called MotoLoan since April that offers consumers the chance to buy powersports vehicles without a down payment.

MotoLease Launches Loyalty Rewards Program

MotoLease launched its MotoCoin Rewards Program which comes with exciting benefits for loyal MotoLease customers.

Financing as Part of the Sales Cycle

Traditional dealership sales process excludes the financing from the sales cycle and treats the financing as a separate process after closing the deal. The sales process steps include understanding the wants and needs of the customer, showing the units that match those needs and wants as closely as possible, identifying the desired vehicle, negotiating on

MotoLease and EFG Companies Expand Successful Select Guard Partnership

Since 2014, MotoLease has offered EFG’s private-labeled Select Guard suite of F&I products. The company will now add EFG’s Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) to further protect customer investments and help dealers increase loyalty and profits.