PODCAST: Identifying the 1st Time Rider

Younger riders just aren’t getting involved the same way their parents did, so it has left our industry, as a whole, to reevaluate how we can more effectively attract, engage and influence the new riders that are entering the market.

The First Time Rider: Diving Deeper on the Future of Our Industry

The average motorcyclist was 40 years old in 2009, but by 2018 — that number had risen to 50, so the demographic that has fueled our industry over the past twenty years is getting older and potentially aging out of the lifestyle. Instead of buying their first bike, they’re buying their last.

Motorcycle Survey Finds a High Number of Youth Plan to Start Riding

“It is important for the motorcycle industry to recognize there is a deep pool of potential riders, especially within the younger generation, as Discover the Ride’s data suggests.”

Report: Millennial Motorcycle Buyers Aren’t Interested in Harley-Davidsons

What is the cause of Harley-Davidson’s woes? Here are two critical factors to consider: the lack of millennial motorcycle buyers interested in their products, and the dwindling number of boomers still buying new motorcycles.

Beyond Boomers: What Are the Kids Riding?

I recently read an article on Motorcycledaily.com about “Why don’t we see more Japanese Retro Bikes?” If you read the comments section, you can see why. Everyone has a different idea as to what “Retro” looks like, and it’s going to be almost impossible to satisfy all of the people like the ones in the comments section.

State of Confusion? No, Time of Transition

Balancing financial stewardship with the cultural demands of an enthusiast-driven business is as big a challenge today as it was 40 years ago.

‘What If’ Scenarios Playing Out In My Head

Dear Ma, I hope you’re well up there in Heaven. We are doing fine in Big D. Ya know, life is a struggle, it really is. I absolutely LOVE the motorcycle industry and I guess that makes the struggle bearable for me. Sometimes I think about some of the decisions I’ve made over the years

Thanks For Everything, 2016

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e came up with this Year in Review idea two years ago because we thought it would be a good time to not only look back on the year, but also to look ahead a little with an outlook for what the coming year might entail. Of course, we also wanted to include some current news

The New Face Of Motorcycling?

If you have to ask what a Millennial is, you may not understand how much of your future business is going to be dramatically impacted by those currently between the ages of 16 and 30.

Exit Or Entry… Classic Catch-22 Conundrum

It’s a peculiar time in America with “gray hairs” and “Millennials” vying for positions in the marketplace. Are you a mature company looking to sell and retire soon? Or are you a new company looking to make your “mark” on the American marketplace? The Baby Boomers want “out” and youth wants “in” – the problem is