Turn 14 Distribution Adds Several Companies to the Line Card

Turn 14 added RK Chain, Hinson Clutch, Athena and Maxima Racing Oils to its offerings.

RK Chain, Hinson Clutch, Athena, Maxima Racing Oils
SXS Oil Change Kits

Maxima recently launched SXS Oil Change Kits that are compatible with Polaris RZR Turbo and Pro XP models, and they’ve got everything your customer needs to make a change. This convenient kit includes several liters of synthetic SXS engine oil, a ProFilter Premium Oil Filter with wrench removal nut, and one drain plug crush washer.

Maxima SxS Quick Change Kit Designed for Polaris RZR

The Maxima Quick Change Kit contains all products necessary to complete an oil change on a side-by-side, including engine oil, ProFilter oil filter and a drain plug crush washer.

Maxima 10W-50 SxS Quick Change Kit For Polaris Ranger, RZR Models

The kit is applicable for 2013 and newer Polaris RANGER 900 and 2013 and newer Polaris RZR XP non-turbo and turbo models.

Maxima Full Synthetic Oils

Maxima Racing Oils 530RR and Maxima EXTRA are full-synthetic, triple ester 4-stroke engine oils designed to ensure maximum performance and provide maximum protection.

Maxima Premium Break-In Oil

Maxima’s Premium Break-In oil is petroleum-based and specifically designed for breaking in engines with flat tappet camshafts, roller elements or where elevated levels of anti-wear additives are needed.

Maxima V-Twin Motorcycle Lubricants

Maxima Racing Oils has introduced its newly updated line of V-Twin motorcycle engine, transmission, primary and fork oil lubricants. Additions to the line include five engine oils, four transmission/gear oils and three fork oils to complement the current products, which have also seen newly badged labels.

Maxima Racing Oils Announces Professional Supercross/Motocross Teams for 2016

Since 1979, Maxima Racing Oils has been rooted in professional dirt bike racing and 2016 proves to be no different. Maxima has announced its technical partnerships for the 2016 season. Teams will exclusively use the full line of Maxima Racing Oils in their attempts to claim the top spot of the podium throughout the 2016 racing season.