ATV and UTV Market Expected to Reach $11.95 Billion by 2027

This market was one of the few to grow during the pandemic.

Black Book’s Powersports Market Update July 2021

According to Black Book’s Scott Yarbrough, Senior Analyst, Motorcycle & Powersports: “July normally marks the peak of both summer temperatures and powersports prices, and this year appears to be no different. What is unique is that this peak in values comes on top of the past 18 months’ worth of steady increases in prices, though

Black Book: Specialty Market Update, June 2021

Picking up right where May left off, June 2021 sees record pricing across the entire powersports marketplace.

Catalyst for Change: Embracing Opportunity Leads to Dealership Profitability

While dealers may be overwhelmed trying to keep up with demand, Lightspeed gives dealerships innovative tools to help them manage, along with solutions to increase profitability.

First-Quarter Motorcycle Sales Way Up

New-model motorcycle sales among leading brands increased more than 37.2% in the first quarter of 2021.

Mips Annual Report for 2020

Mips AB, a global leader in helmet safety technology, has published its annual report for 2020.

Growing Motorcycle Market Provides Significant New Opportunities for Lubricant Manufacturers

The motorcycle market is growing rapidly and simultaneously upgrading to meet new regional emissions regulations. With the upgrades to low-emissions hardware, the need for dedicated oils providing the right performance to meet the hardware needs is becoming ever more important, indeed it is becoming a key enabling technology.

Snowmobile Sales Increase

Dealers are enjoying an increase of snowmobile sales this season out of a desire for people to get outside during the pandemic along with their anticipation to enjoy the thrill of trail riding.

Demand for Cruiser Motorcycles to Surge

High demand for cruiser motorcycles is further fueling the sales for motorcycles manufacturers across geographies.

Powersports Pricing Rapidly Changing

Powersports prices began increasing in the second quarter of 2020 as the pandemic shifted consumer focus to more outdoor recreational activities.

Powersports Sales Up 18.4%

New-model powersports sales increased 18.4% in 2020, with motorcycle and scooter sales rising 11.4%, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council Retail Sales Report.

People Rushing to Two-Wheelers for Mobility: Innovation Will Protect Them

People have been seeking alternative modes of transportation that don’t conflict with their fears about the coronavirus and bear a lighter price tag.