NPA: October 2020 AWP in Review

October was the first month since spring where we have seen a majority of the powersport categories Average Wholesale Price drop below the prior three-month average.

Black Book: COVID-19 Powersports Market Update

This latest update on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the powersports market continues to tell the same story we have been covering for the past several months, namely that prices are up across the board once again.

NPA Pre-Owned Market Insights Video, June 14-20

NPA released their used market insights video for the week of June 14-20.

NPA Pre-Owned Market Insights Video, June 1-6

NPA released their used market insights video for the week of June 1-6.

Powersports Market Heats Up Across The Board

According to Black Book, the powersports market is seeing increases heading into the spring months. The one really big increase this month is the off-road segment, up nearly 4%. The off-road segments as a whole (off-road, ATV and utility vehicles) have been under-performers of late, and the dirt bikes are the last of these units

Market Survey Analysis Shows Improvement in UTV Sector

Despite the uncertainties that continue to loom over the industry as a whole — namely, tariffs in 2019 and rising interest rates, among other macroeconomic concerns — dealer sentiment remained positive.

Youth ATV, UTV Market Expected to Hit $380M by 2024

Increased participation in events for off-road riding, including racing, has influenced and diversified the range of models offered in the segment, also allowing for a varied price range to support business growth.

Electric Motorcycles: The Search for New Markets

While the western motorcycle industry as a whole is stagnant, electric motorcycle sales are growing.

Harley-Davidson Announces Second Quarter Results

“With the focus of every employee and dealer, we are making progress building the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders in line with our long-term objectives.”

Powersports Market Projected to Grow, Forecast to 2023

The Global Powersports market sales value was $11,334 million in 2017, and it is projected to reach $13,596 million in 2023.

hisun UTV in desert
Strong Growth Reported in ATV/UTV Segment

Our latest survey of powersports dealers indicates that the off-road vehicle market saw strong UTV and ATV growth in the end of July, although the rest of the month saw lackluster demand, it appears the demand has carried over into August. Indeed, dealers noted that aggressive pricing is the primary driver of new unit sales

UTV Market Still Being Driven by Innovation

In our opinion, the intensity of promotions across the UTV universe has caused the UTV/ATV price gap to narrow to never-before-seen levels, which is driving incremental cannibalization to the UTV market.