Q&A: Powersports Consumer Sentiment Forecast for 2024

Consumers aren’t delaying purchases because of the economy, but they’re still looking for deals.

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Dealers Win This Election Year Regardless of Outcome Says EFG Companies

Through all 46 presidencies to date, the U.S. economy has continued to grow.

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2024 Forecast: It’s Time for Retailers and Lenders to Get Back to F&I Basics

We need to offset revenue headwinds driven by high interest rates, inflated vehicle pricing and margin pressures.

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Powersports Market Overview: Q3

The market has cooled considerably.

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2023 Mid-Year Powersports Market Forecast from EFG Companies

Market strength and consumer confidence among industry concerns for a profitable second half of the year.

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The Future of Motorcycling: ICE vs. EV

But does it really have to be a battle between these two types?

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Powersports Hits Historical High Point, Says J.D. Power Report

In the Q2 2021 Powersports Market Insights, analysts from J.D. Power Specialty Valuation Services (formerly NADAguides) forecast the market will continue to favor sellers as long as parts shortages limit production and consumers have money to spend. This dynamic is anticipated to last through the peak season and, at least, into the fourth quarter of 2021.

Surge in Global Demand for Personal Mobility Brings Momentum to Two-wheeler Industry

Two-wheeler sales across the globe are rapidly gaining momentum, even faster than passenger vehicles. The study examines the COVID-19 impact on production, sales and OEM strategies.

NPA: Used Market Insights Video, April 13-19

NPA released their used market insights video for the week of April 13 -19, focusing on how the industry is planning on moving forward after COVID-19.

PODCAST: Snow Season Forecast

According to reports from the International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association, the long-lasting cold and snowy weather of the 2019 season helped boost enthusiasm and interest in snowmobiling.

Forecast Calls for an Optimistic Snow Season

In the midst of stocking up on candy for trick-or-treaters, consider stocking your showroom for the winter so your customers can be prepared for what is predicted to be a positive 2020 season.

Powersports Market Enters Summer On A High Note

June is traditionally the month where Black Book sees the highest values in the powersports wholesale market as summer is officially underway, and motorcycles, scooters and watercrafts are in high demand.