MAP Policy Mistakes

It’s surprising how often I find articles that are flat out wrong about what a MAP policy is. There are many small mistakes, but there are some much larger and potentially dangerous ones as well.

How MAP Violators Hide: Count the Ways… and Tricks to Find Them

When I tell manufacturers and dealers about some of the ways MAP violators try to cheat, they find it hard to believe.

Counterfeits and Material Difference: What’s the Difference?

Would it matter to you if a seller has not been trained in the proper storage and quality control of a product? I would want to know that.

IdeasMotors Designs Motorcycle Events App

The app allows users to search events across the world by location, type or motorcycle make.

Shoei Safety Helmet Corp. Revises Advertising Policy for Dealers

Shoei Helmets has announced that effective January 1, 2017, Shoei helmet dealers in the United States will be permitted under Shoei’s Advertising Policy to advertise all current Shoei helmet products only by showing no price information at all or by showing the then-current MSRP for the advertised products.

The Best of ‘Unknown Dealer’: Some Say Our Hero Has Struck a Chord

Who’s Got a MAP? (May 2015)  There has been talk recently about more manufacturers invoking MAP policies, which is Minimum Advertised Pricing. They set a price which they think is fair, and anyone who advertises their goods at below that is cut off from supply of said goods. I give kudos to those manufacturers who have