E3 Spark Plugs Introduces E3 Lithium Powersports Batteries

Born from cutting edge nano-scale materials, E3 Lithium promises to redefine power delivery in the powersports world.

Charging Up Battery Sales

While the automotive industry has simplified the process of purchasing batteries, the powersports industry is slowly catching on to factory-activated units that are ready to go as soon as they arrive on your shelf.

Dual Power Heated Jacket

The Dual Power jacket uses Windshark, a water resistant and windproof outer shell that incorporates the latest in 12-volt heated apparel technology.

Jump-N-Carry 500 Peak Amp Lithium Jump Starter

Whether stranded with a dead battery, or working in a busy service department, the 300 Series jump starters will deliver the power you need to get you going again.

Deltran Battery Tender Lithium Batteries

The Deltran Battery Tender lithium battery line has an 18-month average shelf life and is rated for more than 2000 cycles.

Lowdown on Lithium

Lithium-Ion replacement starter batteries as well as the rise in popularity of battery jump packs have been driving the growth on this side of the battery market.