Stay Charged With New Harley-Davidson Lithium Batteries

LiFe batteries use an impressive 90 percent of range capacity, which provides superior cranking amp power to start your motorcycle even in the harshest of conditions.

AMS Automotive and Power Sonic Launches Hyper Sport Lithium Series

AMS Automotive and Power Sonic expanded its comprehensive powersport battery line-up of Super Sport and Ultra Sport to now include a complete line of Hyper Sport lithium products.

Battery Tender Lithium Battery

Battery Tender designed these batteries to replace flooded, AGM, and gel cell lead-acid batteries in powersport applications such as ATVs, lawn mowers, motorcycles, personal watercraft, scooters and utility vehicles.

WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery

The WPS Featherweight features Lithium-Ion Polymer technology. All components are designed, manufactured, assembled and packed in one location assuring high-quality and consistency.

WPS Introduces 2016 KTM Featherweight Lithium Battery

WPS has introduced a featherweight Lithium battery for KTM Factory Edition and other 2016 KTM/Husqvarna 250/350/450 models.