Power-Compatible Slide Phone Mount

The SLIDE’s flexible design accommodates a variety of devices (with and without case/cover) and makes it safer and more convenient to use a phone or other device on a motorcycle.

Leader Motorcycle Waterproof Cases

Keep your devices dry on a motorcycle with both the Caddy Buddy and the Hydra, which can be mounted in a variety of locations: handlebar, brake/clutch, mirror stem, windshield and more.

Leader Motorcycle Urban Mirror Mounts

Need to mount a phone, GPS, camera or other device on a motorcycle, but tight on space? The URBAN Mirror Mounts fit on any brand/model motorcycle with a mirror stem measuring 3/8 inch (9.5mm) to 1/2 inch (12.7mm). It can be mounted in any direction too.

Leader Motorcycle URBAN Mounts for Can-Am Spyder

The new URBAN Can-Am Spyder mounts for phones, GPS and other devices feature a slimmed-down, streamlined look that many of today’s riders are looking for. The bracket is manufactured in Minnesota, USA of aluminum and then anodized a rich black.

Leader Motorcycle X-Grip Adaptor Mount

The X-Grip Adaptor mount just got an inch bigger. The original X-Grip Adaptor fits devices up to 3.5 inches wide, while the new large X-Grip Adaptor mount accommodates phones and other items (such as GPS) up to 4.5 inches wide.

Leader Motorcycle Super-Tall Camera Mount

The Swivel-CAM Motorcycle Camera Mount was designed to provide a multitude of angles to shoot from, a secure ‘lock down’ capability with anti-vibration features and a classy look unmatched by other motorcycle camera mounts.

Leader Motorcycle URBAN Windshield Mounts

The new URBAN Motorcycle Windshield Mounts make it easier to see your phone, GPS or other device by positioning it right in front of you. The URBAN Windshield Mounts attach to any bolt, typically on the brace that runs across the windshield. Simply remove the stock bolt and replace it with the stem.

Leader Motorcycle Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone Mount

Smart phones are getting bigger. So too, is the Caddy Buddy Waterproof Phone/iPod Mount: it now fits most of today’s larger phones, up to 3-1/4 inch wide and 6-1/8 inch high.

Leader Motorcycle Urban Diamond iPhone Mount Extender

The URBAN Diamond iPhone Mount w/Extension is a secure and versatile way to mount an iPhone on a motorcycle. The mount features all aluminum and stainless steel parts.

Leader Motorcycle Garmin 60-series GPS Mounts

Leader now offers two styles of mounts for the Garmin Nuvi 65 / 66 / 67 / 68 series GPS units. Both the eCaddy Diamond and eCaddy Ball are available for handlebar, brake/clutch/controls, mirror, windshield, and specialty applications.

Leader Motorcycle Hydra Waterproof Mount

The Hydra Waterproof Mount was designed to protect phones or GPS from rain. The case includes an opening so that wires can be run out of it. This opening is a soft ‘T’ design that closes in around the wire to keep rain out.

Leader Motorcycle Desert Dawgs in Indian Tan

Due to popular demand, Leader Motorcycle is now manufacturing the Desert Dawgs in “Indian Tan” as well as original black. Desert Dawgs keep feet and legs warm and dry in rainy or cold weather – without the hassle of a bulky fairing.